In the Season 3B Premiere of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant,” Kayla Discusses Her Abortion.

The Y&P Girls Get Together 🤗 Teen Mom_ Young + Pregnant 2-8

Young moms are gathering in Los Angeles to share their experiences with personally unsuccessful families and relationships, and to support each other as they navigate parenting obstacles. Teen Mom: Young and Pregnants third season opened with Kayla Sessler and Luke Davis going through a difficult time and considering ending their relationship. In the Teen Mom spinoff, Kayla also discussed her abortion after dealing with an unintended pregnancy. Before Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Season 3B premiere,  An exclusive clip of Kayla talking to the other moms about her experience.

When is the premiere of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” Season 3B?  

In the video, Kayla meets up with the majority of the other moms from the show, including Rachel Beaver, Brianna Jaramillo, and Kiaya Elliott. They discuss some of their common experiences from the program as well as the various challenges they have encountered. One of those significant challenges for Kayla was having an abortion in Season 3’s second half. Kayla explains She put everything out there. “Even the stuff that, like, we know we’re gonna get hate for, the stuff that’s uncomfortable to talk about. You think I wanna tell people I got an abortion? No. I think the reason I decided to [be open about it] was because I wish there [was] someone that I could have watched go through it and [see] how they dealt with it … because me going through it, I had no idea. … I went into it blind as f–k because no one talks about it.”

How many children currently has Kayla from “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant”?

With her ex-husband Stephan Alexander, Kayla has a boy named Izaiah and a daughter named Ariah. It now appears that Kayla has no plans to have any more children, which is probably best for the time being given the ongoing tension between Kayla and Luke’s family hinted at in the Season 3B teaser.

Do the mothers from “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” actually get along?

Although Kayla and the other young mothers on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant weren’t initially friends, they have become close. To help them bond and rely on one another for support, they are all brought together on a group excursion in Season 4. Rachel makes a comment about how they can all interact better in person rather than on their phones during the same tape that Kayla uses to discuss her abortion. Kayla and the rest of the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant cast appear to be best buddies outside of the show, in contrast to much of the group of Teen Mom OG or Teen Mom 2. They don’t seem to view one other as rivals but rather as equals because they all share their lives with the public.

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