House of the Dragon Episode 2 Recap “The Rogue Prince”

“The Heirs of the Dragon,” the opening episode of House of the Dragon, was intriguing. Introducing us to important Targaryens like Prince Daemon, Princess Rhaenyra, and King Viserys, laid forth the fundamentals of a Targaryen combustion. Now that the first episode has concluded, all eyes will be on the second, which will start up where we left off with Alicent Hightower, King Viserys, and Rhaenyra Targaryen, among other new characters. Nevertheless, the episode’s title, “The Rogue Prince,” alludes to Matt Smith’s breakout role as Daemon Targaryen. His older brother, the king, expelled him from King’s Landing at the conclusion of the first episode. During the majority of the episode, practically everyone in King Viserys’ sphere is constantly buzzing in his ear, telling him how he needs to remarry and quickly with one counsel even suggesting his young daughter as a suitable bride. provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

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House of the Dragon Episode 2 “Recap

The second episode of House of the Dragon, “The Rogue Prince,” which is set roughly six months after the occurrences of the first episode, begins with a violent scene at the Stepstones where bodies washed up on the shore and being devoured by crabs, one of whom was still alive as he was being torn apart. Then, viewers were returned to King’s Landing, where it was disclosed that Prince Daemon (Matt Smith) had taken control of castle Dragonstone and reinforced it with ex-members of his City Watch, also known as “gold cloaks,” following his brother King Viserys I’s order to send him to the Vale and remove him from contention for succession (Paddy Considine).

House of the Dragon Episode 2 Recap "The Rogue Prince"

The lord commander of the Kingsguard, who passed away while sleeping, was considered in the king’s small council. The important royal protection unit, which is effectively the king’s Secret Service, must be given a new knight. After Princess Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) stood up during a council meeting over another issue and displeased the participants, mainly the King’s Hand, Ser Otto Hightower, she was given the responsibility of choosing the knight (Rhys Ifans).  Lord Corlys Velaryon, also known as the “Sea Snake” (Steve Toussaint), begged King Viserys to use force against a particularly ominous new figure, Craghas Drahar, also known as the “Crabfeeder,” a prince admiral from Myr working for a sect of the Free Cities, the independent states situated across the Narrow Sea from Westeros.

House of the Dragon Episode 2 Recap "The Rogue Prince"

The Stepstones’ shipping routes, which are the sources of Corlys’ riches and power as the master of ships, are disrupted by the Crabfeeder, who appears to have the support of influential persons in the Free Cities. Corlys’ request was rejected by Viserys, who stated that he had no interest in initiating a conflict with the Free Cities and that the Crabfeeder issue will eventually be resolved in another way. Corlys argued that the crown appeared frail to those who would do it damage due to its passivity against Daemon at Dragonstone and against Crabfeeder.

House of the Dragon Episode 2 Recap "The Rogue Prince"

Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel), was chosen by Rhaenyra to rejoin the Kingsguard since he was the only one out of the bunch with actual battle experience. He is also quite attractive, and when he defeated Daemon in a joust in the first episode, both Rhaenyra and Otto’s daughter, Lady Alicent (Emily Carey), fall in love with him. After the queen passed away during childbirth and the succession became far too uncertain for Otto, Alicent kept on spending time alone with King Viserys at the request of her father in the hopes that she may win him over. Viserys informed Alicent about the legendary city of Valyria, where Targaryens originated before it was destroyed, while they were alone together. The king also expressed to Alicent his wish that Rhaenyra, his only daughter and designated heir to the kingdom, would not be so far away after the queen’s passing. The princess then appeared to agree with Alicent’s suggestion that Rhaenyra talks more openly with her father about her emotions and aspirations for politics.

House of the Dragon Episode 2 Recap "The Rogue Prince"

In order to further unite their Houses and strengthen the throne and realm, Lord Corlys and his wife, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen (Eve Best), who is also Viserys’ cousin, proposed the king their 12-year-old daughter’s hand in marriage. Viserys ultimately declined the offer and instead revealed his intention to marry Alicent, which infuriated Corlys, who rushed out of the senate chamber upon hearing the news. Viserys was still grieving his wife’s passing and was distraught by the age of the kid.

Daemon sneaked into King’s Landing and grabbed a dragon egg not just any dragon egg in an effort to incite his brother to bloodshed. The egg designated for Viserys’ son, who passed away shortly after the queen, was taken by the rejected brother. Viserys was furious and instructed a team, including Otto and Kingsguard men, to get the egg and drive Daemon out of Dragonstone. Rhaenyra unexpectedly emerged on the back of her dragon, Syrax, just as it looked like there might be violence with Daemon menacing the king’s troop with his gold cloaks and his dragon, Caraxes. Equally matched, Rhaenyra informed her uncle that in order to obtain his desired outcome, he would have to immediately murder her. Daemon objected, returning the egg, and making his way back to the fortress.

An enraged Viserys warned Rhaenyra not to take such a risky action ever again when they were back at King’s Landing. He reassured her that when he does remarry, he will stick by his decision unpopular with virtually everyone else that she will inherit the throne, even if he has a son. The king is coping with yet another bodily wound on his hand while tending to his emotional scars after cutting himself on the throne’s swords once more. The second horrible cut on his back is infected, just like the first one.

At the end of the episode,  we see Corlys discussing with someone how his family had to work hard to get money and power; nothing came to them naturally. He turns to the person sitting across from him. it’s Daemon! The meeting place is Driftmark, home of House Velaryon. Corlys asked Daemon for assistance with Crabfeeder. Corlys marketed his plan as a way for the prince to discredit his brother while demonstrating to others his suitability for the crown. Daemon had an interest.  House of the Dragon has already surpassed Game of Thrones in terms of violence and political intrigue in just two episodes. We’ll watch to see how it handles its portrayal of all-out conflict in the next act, as the Rogue Prince takes flight and fights to the Crabfeeder. Shell is not as angry as a dragon or a snake when it is mistreated.

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