“Hitler’s Secret Bomb” Release Date on Science Channel

The race to develop the first atomic bomb changed the world. During WWII, US, German and Japanese scientists embarked on a frantic race to unlock the secrets of nuclear fission and create the world’s first nuclear bomb. Were the Axis powers closer to a nuclear bomb than the world ever realized? Curious to know everything, you can check the release date, and synopsis with www.tvacute.com below.

The German nuclear weapons program was an unsuccessful scientific effort led by Germany to research and develop atomic weapons during World War II. It went through several phases of work, but in the words of a historian[who?], it was ultimately “frozen at the laboratory level” with the “modest goal” to “build a nuclear reactor which could sustain a nuclear fission chain reaction for a significant amount of time and to achieve the complete separation of at least tiny amount of the uranium isotopes.” Scholarly consensus is that it failed to achieve these goals. After bombarding uranium with neutrons, German chemist Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Strassmann submitted an article to the German science magazine Naturwissenschaften (“Natural Sciences”) in December 1938, announcing that they had detected and identified the element barium.

In an all-new Science Channel special, HITLER’S SECRET BOMB, experts unveil startling new documents that reveal that the race was real. Featuring stylized recreations and expert insights, HITLER’S SECRET BOMB reshapes the relevant, critical moment in time that changed everything.

“Hitler’s Secret Bomb” Release Date

HITLER’S SECRET BOMB will premiere on Sunday, August 22 at 8 pm ET/PT on Science Channel and will also stream on discovery+.  2-Hour Special “Hitler’s Secret Bomb.”

[Source: Science Channel]

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