Heels Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date & Preview of “House Show”

Heels has been a fantastic drama from start to finish. But the fifth episode of Heels has been the best ever. In tonight’s episode, Crystal went rogue after Wild Bill urged her to find her own place. she enraged Ace, who then took his rage out on Bobby, injuring him. One of the show’s most likable wrestlers is out. What will happen next? Heels episode 6 titled “House Show” on Starz next week, it’s clear that things will be a mess for the DWL. This will be a big part of the story. we’ll get to see Jack and the DWL at the fair! The promo shows Bobby is well. we are optimistic about his recovery. and he’ll keep working in Duffy because he’s so loyal.

Heels Episode 106 Synopsis: It’s the day of Big Jim’s baby’s baptism and a new beginning for everyone in Duffy. Meanwhile, Jack’s running around town prepping and promoting the upcoming match at the fair, but also trying to make the time for those in his life who deserve it most.

Heels Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

The new Episode 6 of the Heels series will air Sunday, September 19 from 9:00-9:59 p.m. ET on Starz. A repeat of the episode airs at 11:02 pm. ET. You can also stream on the Starz app. How to watch Heels Episode 6 online? The Heels series will be available on Starz.com and the Starz app. You can also get it on iTunesGoogle Play, FUBOTV, Amazon, and Philo. The series will not be available for streaming on Hulu the next day. But you can add Starz to your Hulu subscription for $8.99/month.

Heels Season 1 Cast

Stephen Amell as Jack Spade, (Ace’s older brother)
Alexander Ludwig as Ace Spade, (Jack’s younger brother)
Alison Luff as Staci Spade, (Jack’s wife)
Mary McCormack as Willie Day, (Jack’s business partner)
Kelli Berglund as Crystal Tyler, (love interest for Ace)
Allen Maldonado as Rooster Robbins, (a star DWL wrestler)
James Harrison as Apocalypse,
Chris Bauer as Wild Bill Hancock, a former wrestling star turned pro wrestling scout.
Recurring Cast
David James Elliott as Tom Spade, Jack and Ace’s father
CM Punk as Ricky Rabies, heel pro wrestler.
Bonnie Somerville as Vicky Rabies, Ricky’s valet.

Heels Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Crystal  (Kelli Berglund) kicks off Heels Season 1 Episode 5 with an awesome promo in the ring. Jack is awestruck; Ace is not. Willie interrupts with big news – the DWL will perform at the South Georgia State Fair. Bill gives a press conference while still performing. He says he’ll be better than ever after rehab. Jack has no interest in Willie after his stinging words. So Bill concentrates on Staci (Alison Luff ), trying to cheer her up. Jack informs the gang of the upcoming fair gig, while Ace is late. His new valt is Tricia from the bar. When Bobby and Crystal are summoned. Crystal’s role in the major event is pushed aside as reality and character merge. Jack has planned an evening at The Dome. He tries to persuade the three fair organizers. But Thomas closes the deal and charms the promoters. The main event will probably be a cage match between Ace and Bobby (Trey Tucker), with the winner being the first out of the ring.  But life gets in the way of Jack’s script. Ace’s heel tendencies surface after too many pleasant moments with Crystal and Bobby.

Bill (Chris Bauer) encourages her to deviate from the story’s script. Crystal finds out from Jack, who quickly creates a storyline where Ace breaks up with Crystal just before the cage match, and Crystal now valets for Bobby because they’re in love. Crystal isn’t proud of her professional growth. Especially since Crystal just gambled her comfort store paycheck to win enough scratch to buy Willie a new outfit for the night. In the midst of Ace’s potty break, Bill enters The Dome autograph classes. Bill says valets are undervalued.. He or she should demand respect for the contributions she makes to Ace’s act. Crystal is starting to wonder if this is the right place for her. Bill tells Crystal to pull her hair back when she enters the ring so the fans can see her face.

That’s the tip for tonight’s kayfabe and cage match. All gimmicks vanish when Crystal enters the ring and takes Ace’s mic. Time for real drama. She tells Ace and the group she’s leaving him because he can’t satisfy her. She wants a person, “not a crybaby boy,” she tells Ace. “We’re over. I’m with Bobby now.”  Ace improvises a superplex, a move Bobby has never attempted. It puts Bobby on the mat and Ace locks his legs. Ace squeezes harder and harder, angrier as Bobby tells him it hurts. But Ace ignores Bobby’s pleas and refers to Jack’s orders to stop, tearing Bobby’s leg. A match is interrupted by Jack. The honest people are ecstatic, but they knew it was all a pretending. Bobby is carried out of the ring. Bobby is in pain but apologizes to Jack backstage. Jack tries to calm him down as the ambulance arrives. That’s what the DWL has become in King Spade’s absence, says Bill, holding the mic.

Those in attendance cheer for Bill, who challenges Jack and Ace to a ladder match for the DWL title. Jack has returned with the belt and a personal mic. He dismisses Bill as a drunken loser who doesn’t belong in the ring before accepting his issue. The DWL crew spends the night in the Medical Center waiting room while Bobby is in surgery. Thomas is with them, and what he saw has shaken him. He knows that when Jack flashed an X with his arms, it meant Bobby was hurt. To make a dramatic situation even more traumatizing for a child, Jack and Ace begin fighting in the hospital over Ace’s stunt. But Bill got exactly what he needed, and he’s not alone. The South Georgia State Fair committee will name Jack after his fight with Ace.

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