Netflix’s Grumpy Christmas Movie Ending Explained: Do the family spend Christmas together?

The Netflix original film Grumpy Christmas combines two of the aforementioned genres: romance and family mayhem. In this Mexican comedy, a grouchy grandfather tries to take control of his daughter-in-Christmas law’s aunt’s celebrations, and things only grow more chaotic as their power struggle escalates. Let’s read the quick recap and we’ve also talked about the ending of the Grumpy Christmas (2021) movie and whether they spend Christmas with family or not.

The film opens with a guy and his family straining to obtain a signal. As the credits roll, we learn that a grandfather has been forced to relocate into his family after being ejected from his retirement home. Describes a modern family and how the grandfather wishes to give everyone the finest Christmas ever, even if it means spending it on a beach. She used to live alone at her aunt’s house on a beautiful beach. The mother and father conduct couples therapy in the bedroom at various times, usually to talk about the husband remaining off the phone throughout the family vacation. Clearly, there will be some conflict in this household. As he inquires about her garden, tensions between Aunt Alicia and Grumpy Grandpa begin to rise. He thinks she’s quirky, and she thinks he’s nosy.

Willy, a young kid, is made to cry by Alicia when she tells him that there will be no Christmas tree and that Santa would not bring him anything. Grumpy Grandpa gets involved, announcing that a tree will be planted and that he will require assistance. This annoys Alicia, who owns the property and wants to spend Christmas in her own manner. Grandpa is attempting to throw Alicia and her family under the bus in order to get his own way over the Christmas season. Everyone appears to be on his side and not Alicia’s; it’s unclear why Alicia doesn’t want Santa or to celebrate Christmas, but it’s evident that the feud is heating up.

In the middle of the night, we see a hand open a window, and Grandpa wakes up bitten by bugs. The prank battle has begun. Grandpa scalds Alicia with hot water, and Alicia adjusts the umbrella, exposing grandpa to the sun. These pranks are a tad painful, and I don’t recommend replicating them. Grandpa goes for Alicia’s gardening equipment and ends up turning one of her trees into a gigantic Christmas tree, complete with lights and ornaments, leading Alicia to cry. She planted this tree with her sister. If you ask me, it’s a tad over-dramatic — simply remove everything off the tree. There’s no need to lay down and wait for a doctor.

Netflix Movie Grumpy Christmas  Ending Explained

On the boat, Grandpa tries to apologize to Alicia, but the boat sets sail and they are stranded together. Alicia confesses that she has an aneurysm after being forced to chat, share experiences, discuss sentiments, and make friends, and grumpy grandpa reveals that he used to detest Christmas and wasn’t a good father when he was younger. Alicia and Grandpa share a kiss, which is both awkward and strange.

Grandpa has a heart attack, but his son was on a boat behind them and was able to save him. According to the physicians, it was a panic attack brought on by stress. Grandpa rejects Alicia and leaves on Christmas Eve with his son, who has to leave for work.

Willy walks away, and Grandpa and his son enjoy a bad supper on the bus as the family tries to put on a nativity scene. At this moment, the Christmas joy has completely vanished.  We cut to the family setting the Christmas table and expressing gratitude as they try to find a way to return home to spend Christmas with their relatives.

The complete family is able to celebrate together with a little bit of artificial snow owing to a pregnancy reveal and Grandpa making it back for Christmas thanks to a kind stranger giving them a lift. Grandpa admits that he was afraid, but that he likes Alicia and the two embrace. The movie concludes with a montage of the entire family celebrating and opening gifts as one big joyful family. On the boat, Alicia and Grandpa exchange a gift and another kiss.

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