Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 8 Recap

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 8 Recap: So, this is Grey’s Anatomy now that Ellen Pompeo is no longer playing Meredith Grey. Due to her character’s relocation last week, Pompeo is currently only able to appear in episodes as a guest star. Season 19, Episode 8: “All-Star”, and at least it began with Mer narrating. Griffith (Alexis Floyd), Adams (Niko Terho), and Yasuda (Midori Francis) are painting Mer’s old house at the beginning of the episode. over who should occupy Mer’s former bedroom. But, the interns have more important things to do, such as seeing the patients of the week.  Continue reading at for an in-depth analysis of everything that took place in Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 8, to get all the information you need.

“Grey’s Anatomy” S19E08 Recap

Mer’s roommates, Simone, Lucas, and Mika, painted a new layer of paint on the walls and drew names for the largest bedroom. Simone understood, but there was still the issue of who got the second-best bedroom. Dr. Link was worried about the Tank, aka the Seahawk, whose future in the NFL rested in Link’s hands in the operating room, and he was sharing his concerns with Jo. Teddy gave Richard until 6 o’clock to hear back from her concerning her acceptance or rejection of the chief position.

Amelia almost thought the hospital air conditioning was set too low because of the icy atmosphere between Maggie and Winston. During a round of pictures with the Tank, Simone revealed to the emerging star that she, too, had had a similar injury while competing on the ice during her undergraduate years. While waiting for the surgery to begin, Jo stopped by to bolster Link’s spirits and assure him that he wouldn’t be the first time he’d given up. Following the operation, Dr. Link told the Tank that, given the strain placed on players’ knees, he could expect his career to last, at most, six years. In the meantime, Owen lobbied Teddy to become the new chief so that he could return to his former position as trauma chief. Suddenly, they received a page to come to the nursery; it seemed that Allison had bitten Pru.

According to what Teddy understood from talking about the job with Bailey. Teddy came to Richard and detailed her demands, which included anything from an assistant to more vacation time to a raise in compensation that was twice as large as what was initially proposed. If such was the case, Richard would need some time to deliberate. Eventually, he broke the news to Teddy that he would be taking over the position himself. There was an abrupt shift in her position, and she was now open to compromise. Amelia chimed in while Bailey eavesdropped, stating her interest in being considered for the chief role. Teddy cried out. While reviewing her notes from the partial heart transplant, Maggie realized that she had written down socks. Amelia guessed that Winston would know, but Maggie wasn’t game to question her husband.

The silent treatment, Amelia argued, would not have made it any easier to get through the challenging times in their marriage, but rather would have extended its duration. Owen inquired as to how Winston was doing, and Winston pointed out to Hunt that his previous piece of advice had backfired spectacularly. Yet, he continued, Winston was to blame; he should have known better than to listen to Owen’s counsel. Simon, still upset about losing Tank, confides in Blue that she offered to contact Link’s mother on her behalf. Blue would join her in making the call. Through personal experience, he realized there was no proper method to articulate those thoughts. Maggie went outside and expressed her condolences to Winston for the loss of Tank. As a diversion, her husband may provide him with the introduction to the paper detailing the partial heart transplant.

According to Winston, that is the wrong recommendation. They had another argument over their divergent views. Simone and Lucas shared an elevator kiss. A few short minutes after Teddy was named chief, she found out through Owen that the rumor mill was claiming that Link had slain the Tank. As Jo reassured the ortho doctor that what had happened could have happened to anybody, he had been drinking and blamed himself. When he leaned in for a kiss, she resisted. This adorable couple! She grabbed his arm as he turned to go, and they sat down on the couch holding hands.

As Simone and Lucas returned home, they were taken aback to see her ex-boyfriend Trey waiting for her with flowers and an evident desire to kiss and make up. He questioned who this man was. Lucas? He’s my roommate, Simone said awkwardly. At the end of the show, Jo praised Jules’s interpersonal skills, namely her ability to relate to a patient. The local resident was taken aback. Due to her “a bit left of normal” upbringing, she rarely received praise for her efforts. That woman’s life was saved today, Jo remarked. Nearby, Richard said that he couldn’t examine Amelia’s desire since he had already offered the position to Altman, whose demands he accepted in large part. You’re welcome, Amelia said to Teddy afterward. Bailey has tasked me with coming in here.

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