Grand Jury Awarded Shorts – Exit 12 – based on Roman Baca founder the Exit12 Dance Company

Grand Jury Awarded Shorts - Exit 12

Grand Jury Awarded documentary shorts movie Exit 12 which is directed by Mohammad Gorjestani.

Based on Artistic Director Roman Baca who returns from the Iraq War. as a broken veteran ravaged by depression, anxiety and anger . and he founded the Exit12 Dance Company in New York City that tells stories of war through dance and choreography.

Documentary  Exit 12 released in 9 March 2019 (USA). its runtime 23:37 mins  .

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Exit 12  Full Story 

After two tours in Fallujah in the Iraq War, US Marine Roman Baca came home a different person. His experience ravaged him with depression, anxiety, and anger issues. With the encouragement of his wife, Lisa, Roman decided to return to ballet as way to cope. He found that dance helped him “reprogram” his mind and body.

Now, as the founder and artistic director of the Exit12 Dance Company in New York City, Roman with other veterans and military families, uses dance to tell stories about the effects of war. Through movement and creative expression, they work to not only reprogram and reclaim themselves, but also change the perceptions and stereotypes of the Veteran community.

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