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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 17 - PRISCILLA QUINTANA

The residents of The Coterie in Downtown Los Angeles balance jobs, love, and friendship as they learn that you stand up for what you believe in. In the last episode 16 of Good Trouble Season 3 , the team wants to hire Mariana as a coder, she deserves a second chance. Claire is the only skeptic. Mariana is hired on the spot but is clearly hurt by the lack of inclusion. What will happen next? The trial will resume in Good Troubles Season 3 Episode 17 with a major twist. We’ll see how Callie (Maia Mitchel) reacts to different situations along the way and a new guest star Teala Dunn introduced in Wednesday’s show.  Take have a look at the synopsis, promo, and photos of the new episode 17 of Good Trouble with Along with this, you can also read the recap of episode 15 of Good Trouble Season 3,  to make better sense for the new episode.

Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date

Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 17 Recap

Apart from this, more new artists are being recruited. According to Deadline, Odelia Halevi (Good Girls Revolt) has been cast in a recurring role on Freeform’s Good Troubles for Season 3. Angelica, a waiter at the Douro where Malika (Zuri Adele ) works, will be played by Halevi. Both the women become friends as a result of their common experiences and work ethic. watch the sneak peek with guest star Teala Dunn

Good Trouble 3 Episode 3.17 Synopsis: guest star Teala Dunn – Callie receives an anonymous tip during the trial. Mariana lands a big client at work. Malika explores new feelings toward a co-worker. Davia’s physique has her slipping back into old habits, and Gael introduces Isabella to his family.

Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 17 Photos

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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 17 Cast:

Special Guest Starring: Teala Dunn as Zelda
Maia Mitchell as Callie Adams Foster
Cierra Ramirez as Mariana Adams Foster
Tommy Martinez as Gael Martinez
Emma Hunton as Davia Moss
Sherry Cola as Alice Kwan
Zuri Adele as Malika Williams
Beau Mirchoff as Jamie Hunter
Josh Pence as Dennis Cooper

Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 16 Recap

Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and Callie bump into Claire and Raj and exchange happiness and lie about their current situation. Raj messages Callie to tell her that this is a lie and there is a mismatch between Mariana and Raj. Lindsay makes Alice uncomfortable. Scott comes up with cuts to fit everything under the 45-minute time limit. Derek’s unicorn sketch is left for everyone, including Sean and Alice. The team prepares to incorporate Derek into their design, but Derek glances at Alice and says it’s pointless.

Malia presents her case to the DPN manager about how women are kept in jails for weeks or months without trial. She wants to expand her operations and provide additional services, but to do so she needs to raise funds. The manager notes that Malika (Zuri Adele) can apply for a grant. Dionte is then told that he must choose his mini-campaign. For a full-time position, they can hire only one of them. Tanya is only able to support Dionte and his family while he does an unpaid internship. Kathleen eliminates the DA’s witnesses.

They attempt to speak with Scott, but he becomes furious, leaves, and reveals that Alice and Ruby were involved. Others are upset and don’t trust him as a result. Dionte is the recipient of the grant. Jamie has been chosen by Kelly to be indiscriminate in their case. Scott returns to the Comedy Club to extend the show to five minutes.

After sensitivity training, Scott alters all the drawings and removes their cultural references. Jamie and Callie discuss revising their timeline. Mariana visits the Fight Club girls while on her way to an interview for a new coding position. She hands over her resume to them. They look at him in amazement, knowing full well that he is unworthy and will be paid less. If she can work with the right people she will handle everything. They also need to work on their code in response to their suggestions, and that gives them the opportunity to do so. Mariana was previously considered by the team for a position as a coder and believes she deserves another chance. Claire is the only person who is skeptical. Mariana is employed on the spot and starts working immediately. Because his table is in the corner, they won’t let him sit at the table with them. Mariana takes her seat, but the lack of inclusion clearly bothers her.

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