Good Girls season 4 finale recap: Who went behind bars?

Annie (Mae Whitman) and Nick (Ignacio Serricchio) were both behind bars in the finale of the Good Girls Series. Good Girls has been canceled, Season 5 will not come. But you can rewatch the first three seasons of streaming on Netflix, and the last several episodes of Season 4 will be available for streaming on Hulu. Read both episode’s recaps So First let’s start from Good Girls Season 4 Episode 15 “We’re Even” Recap

Tonight’s episode of Good Girl features Vance (Breckin Meyer) at his home. His wife wants to celebrate their son’s birthday, but he isn’t in agreement. He then heads to work, where he calls Beth Boland to find a stolen cell phone.

Ruby tries to get Stan on board with a double date night with Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Dean. Annie and Kevin (Shane Coffey) continue hooking up and decide not to date exclusively but to not date anyone else.

In a bid to get information from Nick’s office, Annie comes up with a plan to go on a date with his assistant, Scott. While on the date, Annie gets his wallet and gets into the building, where she helps Beth get inside. Beth gets into Nick’s (Ignacio Serricchio) office and takes pictures of incriminating paperwork.

While on the fake date with Scott, Kevin sees them. Later, he moves out of Annie’s apartment. When Beth gets back to the car where Ruby is waiting after being in Nick’s office, she sees Vance has followed them. He tells her about the situation with Dean and wants her help once she’s on the City council in helping push the skincare line.

Beth and Ruby confront their husbands about the affair, while Dean and Stan agree to bring down the Brotherhood. Nick lets Beth know that he’s on to her, while Phoebe and Dave try to figure out where the money goes after reviewing the information Beth gave them. Rio (Manny Montana) tells Beth that Nick is standing in their way.

Good Girls Season 4 Finale Recap: Episode 16

The Good Girl finale shows Beth, Annie, and Ruby at dinner with Phoebe. Beth later meets Rio and asks him where he is. Rio then gives an envelope. This is his acceptance speech. She wins. It turns out that she is the winner of the election.

Journalists start to question Beth about whether she knows that Counselor Nick used city projects for money laundering and bribery. Beth saying she will do all she can to preserve the trust of the community. Nick has been receiving a lot of phone calls from the media. Nick blames Rio (Manny Montana). but doesn’t once he realizes that the companies the money flows through are in his grandmother’s name. 

Stan and Dean try to get out of the Brotherhood, but Vance won’t budge. he announced at the next meeting that the company would launch a haircare line. He wants Stan and Dean  (Matthew Lillard)  to run it. Realizing they have enough money for Nevada, the ladies plan to leave.

Beth is enjoying cake at home. Mick (Carlos Aviles) arrives at Beth’s home wearing black gloves. He draws a gun at Beth. She replies, “My children are up.” He puts a silencer on his pistol. He shoots Beth and then walks away. 

[Noteable: Nick makes all arrangements for Mick, not to kill Beth, but to get the attention of the officers, leave the gun for them to find, and let them find the print on the gun because it’s actually him. The gun was the one that killed Lucy.]

Dreaming about Nevada, Beth is robbed at the grocery store. She tells him that if he attempts to steal her purse, the police will be right there. “Do you want to die?” He asks her. Beth is shot. She recovers from her gunshot wound to the arm and decides that she no longer wants to move to Nevada. 

Having left the gun at the scene, Nick ensured that Annie’s prints would be found, and she is then arrested for Beth’s shooting while Dean prepares to leave Beth. Rio (Manny Montana) then visits Nick behind bars and goes to see him. He says Rio, Mick used the same gun that killed Lucy.

Annie informs Kevin (Shane Coffey) and Ben (Isaiah Stannard) that she cannot travel to Nevada as she is in some sort of trouble. Annie (Mae Whitman) then puts all her credit cards and phone numbers, as well as her ring, in a large envelope. Annie is taken away in handcuffs. (Remember: In the first episode of Season 4, Annie has an emotional car conversation with Mick, telling him that Beth is “a really good mom” and “it really shouldn’t be her print on that gun.”)

Ruby and Stan (Reno Wilson) are preparing dinner and Sara (Lidya Jewett) isn’t answering. Stan gives Ruby an ultimatum about leaving with him or staying behind. At the end of Good Girls Season 4 Episode 16, Beth and Rio are sitting on a park bench. Beth tells him that the best part of all this is: “You work for me now.”  He touches her hair, and “You got it, boss,” he replies.

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