Good Girls Season 4 Episode 14 Trailer: “Thank You for Your Support”

(Penultimate Episode) Good Girls Season 4 Episode 14 Trailer:

In the last episode 13 of Good Girls Season 4, Annie’s (Mae Whitman) roommate packs her things and goes to stay at Angela’s house. Rio wants to run for a place in the club. Ruby, Annie, Beth (Christina Hendricks)  all want to make money. They work as strip club staff. Phoebe invites Dave to join her on her trip to Detroit. On the other hand, Stan and Dean (Matthew Lillard) continue to gather information about Beth, which paves the way for the season finale.

The next episode of Good Girls Finale Season 4 is special as it will be the first episode of the finale. Now there are only two episodes left. Can we be satisfied with the result before the season ends? Before watching this, we have to move on to the penultimate episode. The title of this episode 14 is “Thank You for Your Support”, and it is clear that the good girls want to thank their fans through this episode. So do you want to know what will happen next in Good Girls Season 4 Episode 14? brings you the synopsis and promo, which you can check out below?

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Good Girls Episode 414 Synopsis: Beth runs for city council as tensions rise between Nick and Rio; Nancy, down on her luck, offers Annie some unlikely relationship advice; Ruby becomes suspicious of Stan’s new venture.

Good Girls Season 4 Episode14 Release Date

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 14, release date is July 15, 2021, on NBC. If you forgot to watch this day So you’ll also be able to watch new episodes for the next day’s streaming on Fans can also be accessible on live TV streaming platforms such as YoutubeTV, Spectrum, Xfinity, SlingTVDirecTV, and FuboTV. you can either buy or rent the episodes on popular VOD services like Vudu, iTunesGoogle Play, YouTube, Microsoft StoreAmazon Prime, and FandangoNow. Now ‘Good Girls’ on AppleTV and Hulu. 

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