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Goliath Season 4 Episode 3

Billy McBride has returned. It’s been two years since season 3 of Goliath concluded with Billy Bob Thornton’s character being shot by Diana Blackwood and left for dead (Amy Brenneman). When Goliath Season 4 comes on Amazon Prime Video, we’ll finally learn what happened to the unconventional, alcoholic lawyer. Yes, https://www.tvacute.com has comprehensive everything there is to know about Season 3 of Goliath , Who will be in the cast for Goliath Season 4? How many episodes of Final Season will be there, and at what time will it come, besides the trailer and photos are also included, so let’s start.

Goliath Season 4 Trailer – Bill McBride is alive

Bill McBride is still alive after being shot in the previous season, according to the new season’s trailer. We also get a look at what will be one of his most formidable opponents in the series: the opioid business. The opioid tycoons George and Frank Stax, who manage one of the country’s largest family-owned pharmaceutical enterprises, are also introduced in the clip.

Goliath Season 4 Episode Guide

The new season will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 24, with all eight episodes available to watch. Check out the list of Goliath final S04

Goliath S04E01:  Hadleyville
In the final season, Billy returns to his Big Law roots after Patty takes a job at a prestigious white-shoe law firm in San Francisco. Together, they try to take down one of America’s most insidious Goliaths: the opioid industry.
Goliath S04E02:   The Pain Killer
Patty finds herself on the hook for Billy’s behavior as he digs deeper into the case.
Goliath S04E03 Signed, William Hamilton McBride
As Billy and Sam grow closer, he discovers that the opioid industry is keeping bigger secrets than he ever imagined.
Goliath S04E04 Forcibly Removed
Billy goes to extremes to keep the case alive, and Sam questions whether bringing him on board was a good idea after all.

Goliath S04E05 Spilt Milk
As Billy faces repercussions from his conduct, he is forced into a truce with an old adversary.
Goliath S04E06 Rundleworks
Billy and Patty take measures to protect a witness, while the partners at Margolis & True scramble to strengthen their case.
Goliath S04E06 Lawyer Trickery Bullshit
When Patty calls a surprise witness to the stand, the defense does everything they can to undermine the witness’s credibility.
Goliath S04E08 It’s Time
In a final showdown with George Zax, Billy and Patty seek justice for the victims of the opioid epidemic, no holds barred.

Goliath Season 4 Photos

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Goliath S04 Cast

Billy Bob Thornton will reprise his role as Billy McBride, with J.K Simmons portraying George Stax and Bruce Dern portraying George’s brother. This season will also feature Nina Arianda, Tania Raymonde, Diana Hopper, Julie Brister, Geoffrey Arend, Brandon Scott, Obba Babatunde, and Elias Koteas.

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