Fresh Off the Boat Recap Season 6 Episode 7


Tonight on the ABC the series Fresh Off the Boat airs with an all-new Friday, November 15, 2019, season 6 episode 7 and we have your Fresh Off the Boat recap below.

On tonight’s episode called, “Practicum?!” as per the ABC synopsis, “Jessica worries about Evan’s future as doctor-president; Eddie has decided on Allen Iverson as his “hero” subject for an essay, sending Louis on a mission to prove that he’s just as worthy of that title.”

In order to become a teacher-boss, Jessica (Constance Wu) needs to shadow teachers for 100 hours as her practicum, and she decides to do it while also keeping tabs on Evan (Ian Chen). Unfortunately, having his mom with him all day is making Evan’s eighth-grade life extremely difficult.

Louis (Randall Park) comes clean about accidentally breaking the car in an attempt to impress Eddie (Hudson Yang), and Eddie tells his dad how much he means to him.

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