Fox’s neXt Season 1 Episode 2 Promo of File #2

Fox's neXt Season 1

From “24” producer Manny Coto, Fox’s “ten-episode new series” neXt debuts on Tuesday night Oct. 6th. Now you are curious about Next’ Episode 2 that titled File #2 that was written by Kim Clements. Don’t worry we have more details for the new series next season 1 episode 2, to get a better idea of what will happen in the new episode. so look below to watch the promo and read the synopsis.

Fox’s new science-fiction crime drama ‘neXt’ episode 2 will be discharged on October 13 at 9/8c.

What will happen in Fox’s new drama ‘neXt’ Season 1 Episode 2?

After being mishandled by a Zava employee, the A.I. called NEXT escapes the confined servers of its home company and gains internet access.

When Ethan’s (Evan Whitten)bullying intensifies, he reveals that Iliza has been persuading him to seek revenge.

Concerned about her son, Shea (Fernanda Andrade) recruits Paul (John Slattery) and her co-workers C.M.(Michael Mosley), Gina(Eve Harlow), and Ben(Aaron Moten) to help use Ethan’s connection with Iliza to track NEXT’s possible location.

Meanwhile, Paul tries to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, Abby and grapples with the onset of his health condition.

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