[Finale] The Way Home Episode 10 Recap: Ending Explained!

The Way Home Season 1 Episode 10 set up the possibility that the show may go on indefinitely so long as new truths about the Landry family were revealed. Everyone benefits from season finales that wrap up ongoing plotlines while setting up the next story arc. At first, Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh) learned that not only did she cause the accident that killed her father Colton Landry (Jefferson Brown), but she was also the unidentified woman Del Landry (Andie MacDowell)  had thought her husband was having an affair with at the funeral. Kat was ready to leave the past behind after realizing how much harm time travel had done to her loved ones. Her little brother Jacob had followed Finn the dog into the pond that fateful night, and they had somehow ended up in 1814.

Kat was revealed in the final moments of the episode to be the witch from the pilot who was being chased by an angry mob before jumping into the pond. Even Elliott (Evan Williams) was tired of the relationship, but that didn’t bode well for Kat and Elliott’s shippers. When Kat told Elliot that she had filed for divorce, he said that ever since Alice had predicted his future, he had felt like an outsider looking in at his own life. Despite his affection for Kat, he realizes it’s time to embark on a new adventure (without Kat?).  The finale brought both predictable and surprising elements to set up a new path for the Landry women in the upcoming second season. In case you missed the thrilling climax of The Way Home Episode 10, we’ve got you covered (tvacute.com).

The Way Home Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The Way Home Episode 10 Recap

Elliot is awaiting Kat and Alice by the pond after they have completed their sprint through the woods. As Kat tries to make sense of what occurred and pardon herself for her role in it, she is reminded that Alice vanished after Colton’s funeral. There is only one journey left for her. Alice is not of the opinion that Kat was to blame for the death of Colton. Furthermore, Alice stated that Kat had to decide between herself and Colton, and she selected her. Kat claims that she will pick her up in every instance. Brady has stopped by and is pondering whether this is the appropriate time to proceed. He is confused as to what has transpired when she reveals that this is not a good moment. She does not respond, and he passes the documents to her while thinking about whether this was the appropriate action to take. According to her, it is.

Del is curious as to whether or not Byron has spoken anything to Kat about his sabbatical or the fact that his most recent editorial is focused on exploring new territory and locating the next route. Kat insists that she has shown him the correct path and that he should follow it. Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) is trying to find out when Colton’s funeral will take place. They make the decision to travel together and enter the water while holding hands. In the room that Colton made for them both since they knew Elliot needed a space for them to meet, Alice discovers Elliot sobbing. She uses the pretext of wanting options to get him to give in to her request that he procure two separate costumes for her. Only because of Kat will he comply. Oh, if only he had known! Kat goes to her father’s burial for the second time, but this time she stands apart from the other mourners. It was Del’s request that the funeral be small, with only close relatives and friends in attendance. In the future, a tribute for the community will be held. Del discusses everything that Colton cherished, which was a significant amount of information. He served as their guide to the north and their refuge. Then, Del notices a woman crying out in the distance, and it’s Kat, the same one she remembered from the funeral.

It was Alice’s responsibility to expose her to everyone as her mother. At the cafe, Elliot comes face to face with Brady. When they have placed their order, Brady tells Elliot that the moment has come for him to take action on his sentiments, which are not exactly a secret. He claims that at the time, Elliot harassed him and threatened him. He claims that throughout the worst moments, she would seek out now to Elliot first, and that caused him a lot of pain. He was well aware of the good fortune that had been bestowed to him in the form of her, but waiting pays out, and now he can have the things he’s always desired. Elliot insists that there is more to it than meets the eye. He refers to Kierkegaard’s idea of living in the present while understanding the past. According to Brady, he was always speaking in riddles. After the funeral, Alice is going to say her final goodbye to Elliot. She informs him that in her lifetime, he has been the most incredible guy and has done a lot for her, and she expresses her gratitude to him. In the current, Kat shares with Del her suspicion that she is clinging too tightly to the past and her conviction that Del once had a relationship with another woman.

Del claims that she recalls the night that Colton passed away and said that he would explain everything. Kat reassures her that the other woman was of little consequence, and they both come to the conclusion that they should let the matter drop. Del takes out the card that he received 25 years ago for bereavement counseling. Alice recalls that Colton had told her that she had potential, and the following day, she inquires Spencer regarding the possibility of the new owners of the Roxy seeking talent for the opening. Zoey overhears him discussing the meal he prepared for her, but Brady cuts him off in the middle of his explanation. Elliot learns from Kat that she is the other woman. She refers to herself as the rotten apple, which pisses Elliot immensely.

Whatever the circumstances that brought him here, she is eternally thankful. As Kat returns home, she finds Brady and Alice talking in the kitchen. When Brady offers that they chat, they are in the middle of discussing the Roxy. Alice claims that she was prepared for this, and that it was ultimately for the best. As Alice expresses interest in reuniting with Kat, Kat does not conceal the facts from her. She is really distressed and expresses regret that she was not informed of this sooner. The grieving community is now joined by Del. Alice has gone through the portal once more, but this time she is unaware of the passage of time. It has just occurred. While in the kitchen, Rita is giving Del instructions on how to deliver the letter that she has written. The letter was actually written by Alice and mailed out. Kat breathes a sigh of relief as she signs the divorce petition and releases her marriage. Alice has returned, but this time she is in a good mood. When Brady comes, Kat hands him the documents she had been holding.

After declaring his love for them both, he tells them that their marriage is over. Kat is honing her skills in the… well, what exactly is it? A cabin? And then Del interrupts, telling the story of Elliot’s fisherman dad. For the grand reopening, Kat requests that Elliot hold her hand. She becomes concerned when she notices that Brady has not yet arrived to take his seat beside her, but he does so in time. She opens her mouth to sing, but she only sings the first verse before stopping. She comes to the conclusion that it was not the appropriate music for the evening and decides to play a song that is closer to her heart and has helped her get through a lot. Del is filled with emotion as she listens to Colton’s song. Kat can’t predict how Del would react, but the news makes her so happy that she can’t stop crying. Kat feels terrible that Elliot did not return to the house the previous evening. It doesn’t seem right. She wants to express her appreciation for the fact that he has always looked out for both her and Alice, but she also does not want him to believe that she takes his kindness for granted. He is extremely important to her.

The Way Home Episode 10 Recap: Ending Explained!

Elliot, though, thinks he has shaken off the history that has been defined for him and is now prepared to forge his own way. She doesn’t comprehend. After supper, Del inquires about the music that Alice performed earlier. Alice claims that Kat used to sing it to her when she was a child, and that the song has stayed with her ever since. Then she explains that she attended the grieving support group, but that it’s not really her thing to do that sort of stuff. When she is gushing over the return of her daughters, Jacob’s childhood ball is brought in by the dog. Kat recalls that Jacob was unable to avoid going into that pond even when it was freezing outside. She recalls the day she said farewell to him, when she believed he was secure, and she reads the almanac once more. Jacob follows the dog to the pond after mistakenly supposing that he had perished in the water. We observe the dog running to the pond. It’s high time that Del joined in on the conversation. And who is the female runner who we see in the opening scene? There was Kat heading in the opposite direction to find Jacob.

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