[Finale] Ghosts Season 2 Episode 22 Recap: The Heir Explained!

As the second season of “Ghostscomes to a close, tensions arise between Sam, Jay, the resident ghosts, and Sam’s cousin Kelsey (played by Jessie Ennis), who claims to be the legitimate heir to Woodstone Manor. The tension between Hetty and Alberta, as well as the future of Isaac and Nigel’s dedication, are just two examples of internal disputes among the spirits that need to be settled. There’s a cliffhanger at the end of the episode that will keep viewers guessing until the next season. In the end, the episode wraps up old threads while setting up new ones. (tvacute.com) We have a recap of the thrilling moments from the conclusion of Ghosts Episode 2.22. Stay tuned to catch up on all the action you may have missed.

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 22 Recap

In the thrilling Ghosts Season, 2 finale of Woodstone Manor, Sam (played by Rose McIver) finds a surprising revelation about her family. Her long-lost cousin Kelsey (played by Jessie Ennis) appears and claims to be the rightful heir to the B&B property, creating a dramatic twist in the story.. Kelsey’s sudden appearance brings a major twist to the story as she claims to be the rightful heir to the B&B property, leaving Sam in a state of disbelief.

The episode opens with a shock for the couple: it’s possible that someone else is the rightful heir to the Woodstone property! Sam’s great aunt Sophie is Kelsey’s grandma because Kelsey believes her exotic dancer mom had an affair with Sam’s uncle David Woodstone. This makes Kelsey more of a Woodstone than Sam. A DNA test verifies that Kelsey is the true owner of the home. However, Trevor discloses that his brother David was barred from Scores after Jay cites the strip club where David reportedly met Kelsey’s mom. So Sam and Jay go to the place where David died, a gentlemen’s club offering questionable sushi, and there they encounter his specter. David assures Sam that Kelsey, born in 1997, is not his daughter because he hasn’t had any children since 1993.

Ghosts season 2 finale Recap: Who got sucked off?

Sam meets Kelsey with a fresh DNA test, and Kelsey admits that she was working with Dan, the Woodstone estate’s attorney, to act out to be Sam’s cousin in exchange for $10,000. Dan received a generous offer from the Four Seasons to purchase the real estate; he planned to use the money to settle his gambling debts while offering Sam and Jay a meager settlement. Now that they own Woodstone once more, Sam and Jay have decided they won’t accept Four Seasons’ offer because they simply can’t bear to uproot the ghosts they’ve come to think of as family. While chatting in the automobile, the couple witnesses a flash of white light that illuminates their home.  which ghosts just got sucked off!” Sam screams.  but Jay holds out hope that it’s Trevor.

Who could it possibly be? So, here’s my theory: Isaac is irritated because Sam spent his $20,000 book advance on a cheap perfumed candle. She decides to share the proceeds with him because he is both the subject and the donor. Isaac shocks Nigel by saying he plans to use their ten grand to purchase a new Pottery Barn daybed for one. Sas reveals to Isaac that this behavior is “an indication that you are unwilling to get more involved.” In fact, he hasn’t even requested that Nigel use his space. Isaac is afraid he will be permanently brokenhearted if he and Nigel break up, but Thor, of everyone, essentially tells him that love is worth the risk. So Isaac breaks the news to Nigel that he’s not ready to cohabitate just yet… then proposes while kneeling on a single knee. Nigel, ecstatic, agrees, and the newlyweds plan to celebrate their engagement by purchasing a king-sized bed. But how often will they get to use it as a bed? What if Nigel “sucked off” his remaining tasks by proposing to the person he loves?

As our beloved characters Sam, Jay (played by the talented Utkarsh Ambudkar), and the spirits come to terms with this shocking development, they also navigate through supernatural conflicts.  These include the strained relationship between Hetty (portrayed by Rebecca Wisocky) and Alberta (played by Danielle Pinnock), as well as the uncertain future of Revolutionary War ghost Isaac (performed by Brandon Scott Jones) and  Nigel (played by John Hartman).

Alberta hasn’t spoken to Hetty since her killer was exposed in the last episode. Hetty’s pals hold a séance to hear her case. Hetty claims that ladies like Alberta, Flower, and Sam have helped her blossom into the confident person she is now. However, Alberta is thirsty for blood, so she sentences Hetty to a year in the woods. Alberta, too, is shocked by the severity of the sentence and wonders if they can continue taking walks every day together, which is forbidden. She cannot bear to lose her buddy for an entire year, but she has to forgive Hetty if she wants the sentence overturned. Alberta accepts but in exchange, Hetty has to settle in with Flower, who is overjoyed at the prospect of sharing a space and bonding over shared interests.

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