[Finale] FBI Season 5 Episode 23 Recap: Ending Explained!

In the thrilling Season, 5 finale of CBS’ FBI, our team of agents is on the hunt for a cunning serial killer with a God complex. This killer is targeting individuals who hold the power to control the fate of others, leaving our agents racing against the clock to stop them before it’s too late. As the Case of the Week unfolded, Special Agent Stuart Scola (portrayed by John Boyd) found himself facing a daunting challenge – one that required him to take on the role of a divine being and make an impossible choice. www.tvacute.com provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

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FBI Season 5 Episode 23 Recap: God Complex

The FBI team looks into a string of killings that involved two victims, Colonel James Logan and Dr. Paul Hendrix, in the finale. Famous neurosurgeon Dr. Hendrix was discovered dead in a park on federal property. He had been maimed, his flesh stripped, and his hands bound with a rosary before his body was dumped there. The crew refrained from calling the incident a serial killing even though it seemed ritualistic.

According to the probe into Dr. Hendrix’s life, Derek Lawson, the enraged husband of a former patient who blamed Dr. Hendrix for his wife’s death, harassed him recently. Derek was convinced that his wife would have lived had she undergone surgery before the younger, healthier patient who was the target of Dr. Hendrix’s operation. Derek is, however, disqualified as a suspect because he has an alibi.

Soon after, the body of novelist and soldier Colonel Logan is found in a municipal dumpster. He was murdered elsewhere and was discovered in a similar ritualistic way to Dr. Hendrix. The two victims were unrelated to one another, which makes their killings even more puzzling. The crew finds a man pursuing Colonel Logan in a surveillance film, but his face is too blurry for facial recognition. The rosary beads used in the killings, however, were found in a seminary gift store.

Frank Silver is recognized in the video by Father Roger Burns, owner of the seminary gift shop. Due to the seminary’s admissions rules, Silver’s application was denied. Father Burns persuaded him to enroll in college studies to become a priest while also offering him a job as a custodian. But as Silver began to identify himself as God and was violent toward priests and parishioners, his conduct significantly changed. Father Burns ultimately let him go.

Silver came from Iowa and was living at an abandoned chapel, according to further inquiry. When the FBI enters the chapel, they find secret tunnels. They discover Mary, a young woman Silver had abducted, in one of these tunnels. After meeting her at a soup kitchen, Silver fell in love with her and thought that she was selected to get pregnant with his kid as a part of the second coming.

Mary gives important details regarding Silver’s delusions and his selection process for victims. He went against people like the neurosurgeon and the colonel who advocated sending soldiers to their deaths because they held the power to decide who lived and who died. Silver picked his victims from newspaper clippings and dumped them next to his “throne” in the deserted cathedral.

The FBI is aware that a judge involved in a well-known trial is Silver’s next intended victim. Near the courthouse, they stop Mary’s stolen automobile, but Silver is able to flee in the following commotion. He holds  Maggie Bell (Missy Peregrym) prisoner in a cemetery after the crew traces him there. Maggie commands her crew to fire, and they are able to kill Silver despite using her as a shield.

Agent Scola is also dealing with personal issues as his wife, Nina, contracts an ailment while pregnant. They have a premature birth, and Scola must make the agonizing choice of who to save if complications occur after surgery. We don’t learn the baby is fine until the rest of the squad, including Maggie, OA (Zeeko Zaki), Tiff (Katherine Renee Kane), Jubal (Jeremy Sisto), and Isobel (Alana De La Garza), are taken to Scola. Fortunately, Nina and the child—named Douglas in honor of Scola’s late brother—both make it through. Silver has been apprehended and will now be held accountable for his actions, allowing the FBI team to put the terrifying case behind them and move on.

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