FBI Season 4 Episode 18 Recap “Fear Nothing” – Did Maggie Survive?

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The episode begins with OA and Maggie having a lighthearted breakfast conversation about surfing lessons and dating apps. In the 18th episode of FBI Season 4, titled “Fear Nothing,” Jubal’s FBI team was on the lookout for sarin gas that had been obtained in a deadly meet-up by Hakeen Abbas, a terrorist with a grudge against the US government. Maggie (Missy Peregrym), is exposed to the gas and has no way of getting out. Maggie’s defiance of death, all while a harrowed OA stood by helplessly, set the stage for the crimefighting partners to gain a fresh appreciation for their friendship. Let’s start FBI Season 4 Episode 18 Recap below

A Federal Reserve Bank security man was assassinated. He served in the military before becoming a guard, and he was passionate about defending his country. However, on the day he died, the man was acting strangely. Tom Hamilton informed his wife that he would be working. Instead, he drove miles to a near-deserted warehouse to meet with two Middle Eastern males. He presented them with something. They pledged they wouldn’t use it on American territory when he urged them not to. Those same people assassinated him in order to conceal the fact that he was assisting them. That is, they planned to employ it on American soil. They were plotting a terrorist act, and Hamilton had provided the tools for them to carry it out. Unfortunately, the FBI was unaware of any of this when they launched their investigation into Hamilton.

FBI discovered his secret computer and asked his wife about it. Initially, she lied. When the FBI confronted her with the facts, she confessed. She said her spouse had a subterranean hideout. She wasn’t permitted in, so she didn’t know about the sarin gas. They looked when she brought the FBI to the room. They uncovered one of the most deadly poisons ever utilized in war. The FBI had to bring the wife in for questioning. During the search of her home, she acknowledged that her husband was a conspiracy believer. Then he went online to discuss it with like-minded folks. It’s where he met his murderers. Someone was seeking mustard gas. That was sarin gas renamed. These men stated they planned to use it in Syria to exact vengeance on the family. The FBI tracked down who he was meeting with and discovered that it was Abbas. Abbas was born in Syria and grew up as a refugee.

He immigrated to America to avoid the Civil War. Son didn’t. American missile killed both of his boys in Syria. He blamed America for his boys’ deaths. His sister ejected him. She stated Abbas moved in with Nassar and gave the address to the FBI. They broke in. They couldn’t find them.

Nassar was a terrorist from Syria who was suspected of killing Americans in other countries. Everyone wanted to arrest him, therefore he was in America. Having access to sarin gas was the worst outcome possible. The FBI had to foil a terrorist plot on American territory. They searched for the two men. In a stolen automobile, they tried to arrest Nassar, but a passerby stopped them. The FBI didn’t return fire to save the bystander’s life. Nassar fired at them and fled. He met Abbas. They later murdered an FBI agent. The FBI discovered the two men were constructing several sarin gas devices. They looked for a place to make these chemical weapons and found Abbas used to work in a lab. Budget cuts forced lab closure.

FBI Season 4 Episode 18 Recap Did Maggie Survive?

With time running out and no time to wait for suitable hazmat gear, Special Agents Maggie Bell and OA Zidan split off for a room-by-room search of the complex, tip-toeing over claymore booby traps along the way. Maggie eventually tracked down Abbas in a laboratory, where she attempted to persuade him to hand over his weapons. After Maggie put a bullet between his eyes, Abbas tried to go out guns blazing, knocking over a container of sarin gas. Maggie dove towards the canister, but as soon as it struck the ground, it dispersed. Worse, the automatic closing/sealing of the door behind her was triggered by safety regulations.

FBI Season 4 Episode 18 Ending

OA arrived on the scene in a hurry, but neither a metal chair nor a barrage of gunfire could break the door’s glass. As Maggie began to pass out from the toxin, OA hurried to find some type of face protection before ramming a hole in the glass with a fire extinguisher, causing the door to reopen and allowing him to take his partner to fresh air.

Maggie had received severe exposure to the chemical weapon, and physicians had only given her a reasonable chance for a full recovery according to a worried OA later at the hospital.  “I can’t do this without you, i need You. OA said quietly as he grasped his partner’s hand at an unconscious Maggie’s bedside. And, as if hearing OA’s appeal, Maggie nodded ever so slightly, to OA’s satisfaction. We’ll have to wait and see if Maggie is able to recover. FBI team will be without a critical agent for the foreseeable future.

Maggie’s hospitalization and impending recovery pave the way for her actress to take maternity leave for the remaining four episodes of Season 4, but showrunner Rick Eid has stated that Peregrym will return for any potential FBI Season 5.

“The reality is that  Maggie’s recovery is going to be a long road,” Eid told TVLine. There may be emotional as well as physical damage, which could alter how she sees the world and how she conducts cases.” Maggie was written off the canvas by way of an undercover assignment when Peregrym was expecting her first kid two years ago; Peregrym then returned for the Season 3 premiere. The FBI’s creative team chose something a little more theatrical this time. with four episodes left in the season, Eid assures us that there will be more of the same to come.

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