FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: Ending Explained!

In the first hour of the crossover, FBI’s Shantel Van Santen‘s character, Nina Chase, was shot while assisting the Fly Team in storming a residence in Italy where terrorists were hiding out. Because of the critical nature of Nina’s condition, Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) asked Forrester (Luke Kleintank) to stay with her at the hospital while he returned to New York to continue his investigation of the impending threat. Remy and his team found out on the episode of FBI Most Wanted airing tonight that it was up to them to prevent an assassination, which was the climax of an epic FBI crossover. They feared that their president had been murdered and was looking into the possibility.  (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of the FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 16, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

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FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 16 Recap

There was no danger to the President of the United States. He was nowhere near New York at all. He was currently en route to London. Everyone is under the impression that he was in Nyc to deliver an address to the United Nations, but in reality, he was on his way to London at the time. His Secret Service protection team kept the information to themselves in order to maintain a higher level of control over his safety and ensure that the president was not put in jeopardy. The Vice President was not in any immediate danger, either. She was vacationing in South America at the time. It was stated in the diary that they discovered in the terrorists’ lair that a president was going to be their target. They simply did not specify which nation was being targeted, putting potentially hundreds of heads of state in jeopardy. In particular within the United Nations. The one and only information the FBI was aware of was that the city of New York was the location of an ongoing event.

Hanna was their go-to gal for the internet. She was the one who investigated the recommendation on the black web that Maggie and OA had provided her. She discovered that the terrorist known as Lenkov had been chatting with somebody online about an impending terrorist strike that was designed to make 9/11 appear like child’s play. She also learned that this conversation had taken place before 9/11. Lenkov went so far as to assert that this strike would make it impossible for New York to ever recover. He did not provide any further signals regarding the attack, and the crew was unaware of the specifics of what he was planning to do. They simply had no doubt that it would turn out badly. Scola was meant to be helping them with the whole case, yet one of the men they had detained in an earlier raid had a young kid living in Queens.

Scola intended to assist them, but they were unable to contact him. Scola’s goal was to get his dad to give in by using that child as leverage. As he tried to coerce Viktor into disclosing their intentions, he had already crossed a threshold of acceptable behavior. As a result, Remy considered the use of a youngster to be going too far. The young man was only fourteen years old. He was a student there. He is completely unaware that his father was a terrorist. Not that it made any difference to Scola because he ceased concentrating on the investigation and he is now only interested in getting his revenge. Scola’s ex-girlfriend was also working for the FBI at the time. She had been hurt by these terrorists, and at the time, she and he were expecting their first child together. Both the mother and the infant were in perilous situations. But Forrester was unwilling to tell Scola that, so he lied and said the doctors were hopeful. Scola never found out the truth. He made the decision to instill hope in Scola. He had good intentions, but in reality, he was only providing Scola with an alibi for breaking the rules so that she could exact her vengeance.

It was anticipated that Remy’s group would be searching for the terrorists. In addition to that, they were meant to be searching for a woman who went by the name of Allison Green. This woman was an executive for the United States of America, and she was taken hostage for a cause that nobody at the FBI could find out. Allison was finally located, and she, like everyone else, had no idea why she’d been kidnapped. She claimed that her kidnappers took a picture of her while she was bound up on their mobile device. And that was the end of it. Around Allison, they never used the English language. She was completely clueless about what they were discussing as well as the motivations for any of their actions. Scola, in the meantime, received information regarding the location of the Belarusians’ most recent sighting. As he and the other members of the Remy team arrived at the building, they discovered that it had been set up to explode. Everyone managed to get out of there safely. They were able to escape in time, which is why nobody inside the building was hurt when it blew up.

But, Scola could not let the matter rest there. He made a break for it and ran towards the building that was on fire. Remy had to physically remove him away from the scene because he was trying to seek proof. Remy had compassion for Scola and his predicament, but he was not going to let Scola put his life or any of their lives in danger to satisfy his need for vengeance. It became clear that Allison held all of the information and clues that they required. They conducted more investigations into Allison. Someone whom Allison cares about works for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at JFK airport. The target of the terrorists’ attack was not the president. They had their sights set on an airport that bore the name of a former president. It would appear that they utilized the kidnapping of Allison as a means to obtain ghost passes. These permits allowed access through any and all entrances in the airport. They could not be put out of business. The terrorists were aware of what they were getting themselves into when they requested those particular passes since they could not be tracked. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has deduced that the target of their investigation is the airport’s jet fuel line.

Due to the presence of the suckers, even a moderate explosion would be sufficient to bring the entire airport to its knees. The FBI made a hasty trip to JFK. They made an effort to alert the airport staff about the potential danger. The security staff at the airport wanted to sweep the entire airport. Remy was able to stop her from diverting flights, which was another one of her plans. He warned that if they did that, it would put them at risk of the terrorists discovering their location. that they came up with a solution to their problem. Because he could not allow that to occur, he ensured that operations continued as normal as he and his crew searched the building for the terrorists who were hiding there. They were able to capture the person who was going to pull the trigger before he could. They were also successful in apprehending the individual who had opened up the jet fuel lines. This was the same man who had shot Nina on the security film that Scola had seen, and Scola was inclined to just shoot this man outright; however, Remy was capable of bringing Scola back to his senses and stopping him from killing him.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: Ending Explained!

Lenkov was taken into custody by the remaining members of the team. Lenkov had already placed the device on a timer before the explosion. Scola and Remy decided to stay behind and seek the device, and while they were doing so, they came across a security officer who had heard that terrorists were posing as police officers. As a result, he made an effort to stop them. Nevertheless, they just did not have enough time for it. Remy shot the guard, and then they turned the gun on themselves, making the bomb that Remy accidentally defused. By taking hold of a wire and pulling on it, he was able to get what he needed out of the situation. And with his schedule cleared, Scola was able to pay Nina a visit to Rome. Scola was able to deduce that Forrester had lied previously simply by listening to the tone of his speech. He didn’t feel assured that everything was going to be okay with his family until he actually saw Nina for himself. With everything that has transpired, Nina and Scola were brought back to the realization that their love for one another has not changed. As a result, there is a possibility that they will reconcile after this.

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