FBI: Most Wanted Season 4: Are we bidding farewell to agent Hana Gibson?

FBI Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 5-

The popular procedural drama FBI: Most Wanted Season 4, Episode 5, which is titled “Chains,” takes a far more sinister tone. It dives into child sexual abuse and the kidnapping of one of their own, marking a change from previous episodes, which focused on pursuing criminals on the Bureau’s Most Wanted list. “When Hana is kidnapped while trying to aid a young girl (guest actress Dalya Knapp) in distress at a rest stop that is on the route to her sister’s house in Connecticut, Remy and the team pull out all the stops to find her.”

Is there still a chance that the crew can foil this monster criminal’s plans? Keisha Castle-Hughes, who plays Special Agent Hana Gibson, chatted with tv insider exclusively and offered us a sneak peek at this week’s episode and Hana’s fate.

Keisha Castle-Hughes told to tvinsiderFBI: Most Wanted Season 4: Are we bidding farewell to agent Hana Gibson?, We get to see Hana after work, which is a slight deviation from our regular format for this episode. When her FBI agent instincts kick in at a rest stop, she comes across a woman and a young girl and suspects the girl might need her help and can’t help but intervene. She is initially in a slightly different mode because she has finished the week and is going to spend some time with her sister out of state. The situation only gets worse from there.

The squad must find Hana. It’s difficult to see her having much access to the tech she needs in the meantime given her circumstances.
The task force works really well together, but they’re so reliant on Hana being the tech person and having all the answers and she is so good at it that they all trust her, so what happens is they find themselves in a situation where for the first time no one can access a lot of the stuff she would usually access on a case because she’s the person that they’re trying to find. And then on the other side of the coin, Hana’s in a situation where she has access to nothing and we’re seeing her operate from a really different place without all of her technology to back her up.

When Hana was abducted, she was en route to see her sister. How would you characterise that dynamic?
Although we have spoken about her sister in the past, this is our first opportunity to meet her sister. Hana’s life has been intriguing because both she and her sister were adopted, but Hana has always been a bit more reserved than Casey and has always been considered the family’s brightest star. It’s fascinating because, perhaps for the first time, Hana is beginning to feel like she is stepping out from under the shadow of her sister. We may be beginning to witness the emergence of an adult relationship as well as the release of some childhood grudges stemming from the fact that although her sister was the shining daughter, she was more or less the odd, background daughter. And what occurs really confirms for them both how crucial it is to have one another in their lives.

When asked about Ray (Edwin Hodge), she told, It’s going fine so far. Hana always rooms with teammates. she has space, New Yorkers share spaces, and she’s young and can always need help with rent. I think it’s a terrific approach for her to go out of her shell by sharing her space.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 5  will air on CBS on October 18, 2022, at (10/9c) The show will air on CBS

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