FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 Release Date | Promo | Spoilers – VO is in the trouble

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16
From FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 Promo - Special Agent Cameron Vo (Vinessa Vidotto)

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 will release on CBS on April 12, 2022, at 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT. The episode was written Rachael Joyce and directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado.

Best agents can go rogue for family. And it turns out that’s also the case for agents on FBI: International. As the team handled a dangerous protective detail last week, Raines had a pleasant visit from his sister. But his week had him on a dangerous hunt to save her, turning the episode Shouldn’t Have Left Her into Raines’ biggest test yet on FBI: International. It was a thrilling and powerful hour for Raines, showing how far he’d go to protect his family. Read the episode 15 recap below of FBI:   As a result, you’ll be able to mentally prepare yourself for the next episode.  www.tvacute.com has details for FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 below.

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 17 Release Date 

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 Recap

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 Spoilers

The FBI: International is returning with a new episode titled “Left of Boom” In this episode, In the case of this episode, the fly team finds itself in trouble. This case appears to be related to Special Agent Cameron Vo (Vinessa Vidotto). When the Hungarian gambling regulator was assassinated. VO comes under suspicion because it is found at that place. Will this case be related to her past? Through this episode we will get a chance to get to know Vo more closely.

FBI: International Episode 16 Synopsis:  The Fly Team lands in hot water when Vo is found at the scene where a Hungarian gambling regulator was murdered.


FBI: International Episode 16 Cast

REGULAR CAST: Luke Kleintank (Special Agent Scott Forrester) Heida Reed (Special Agent Jamie Kellett) Carter Redwood (Special Agent Andre Raines) Vinessa Vidotto (Special Agent Cameron Vo) Christiane Paul (Europol Agent Katrin Jaeger).

FBI: International Episode 16 Guest Cast

• Pasha D. Lychnikoff as Paul Kovács
• Andrew Pifko as LTC Ákos Valkó
• Kadia Saraf as Legat Erin Padilla
• Tom Forbes as Nick Thorpe
• Marjan Radanovich as István Benkó
• Tayssir Khalfallah as Receptionist
• Teréz Hartman as Bartender
• Gustavo Chigan as Young Bartender
• Ferenc Jánosi as Roland Török

FBI: International Episode 16 Release Date

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 16 will air on CBS on April 12, 2022, at (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) The show will air on CBS and will be streamed live and on-demand on CBS app as well as on Paramount+. The first season is available on Amazon Prime Video

FBI: International Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

Raines was working out at a gym while his sister Jordan (Laila Drew) was getting off a train in Pristina, Kosovo with pals Grace (Natalie Shinnick) and Ethan (Connor Price) and discussing having them meet his friend Leon. they were scheduled to be picked up by Ethan’s college acquaintance. However, when he failed to appear, other men abducted Grace and Jordan, leaving Ethan unconscious. Jordan had called her brother Andre moments before being taken, and the noise from behind had gone to his voicemail. He was concerned when he received the message and looked up Ethan’s phone number to call him and find out what had occurred.  Katrin informed everyone that Pristina was a hotbed of human trafficking and that they didn’t have an office there since the police didn’t like them. So Scott instructed him to stay until Katrin made contact with her contacts in Pristina, and then to proceed. Meanwhile, Agent Porter (Jay Paulson) showed up unexpectedly to check Kellett and Scott’s cases once more. Andre eventually saw his chance and flew to Pristina. He got himself into a little of difficulty there when the cops arrested him for showing there uninvited.

Detective Tolka (Luka Peros) eventually let him go, surreptitiously giving him the address of Ethan’s friend who had contacted him. Andre was surprised to see Ethan there and requested him to explain him what was going on. Soon after, Ethan’s friend Leon arrived, accompanied by a man named Matthew, who claimed to be an investigator. But before he could extract any more information, another man struck Andre, and the two of them fought their way out of the room. Andre eventually defeated that individual, but he had to flee when others arrived. Detective Tolka assisted him in escaping, and they were watching Matthew when Andre received information from Cameron that Matthew was participating in the entire trafficking scheme with Leon and his cousins.  Ethan was discovered dead. Soon after, Andre and Tolka went to Matthew and beat him to finding out where Jordan and Grace were. They then proceeded to the factory, where they spread out to find the girls. Andre was the first to reach Grace, who was being held by Leon. Leon stated that Ethan was aware of the situation when questioned. Detective Tolka, on the other hand, was shot and murdered, leaving Andre alone. But soon after, the cops arrived, and Andre went to Jordan to secure her. Katrin arrived at the station where Andre was being kept the next morning and freed him. Kellett (Heida Reed) discovered that Agent Porter was having an affair with a prostitute in Budapest, which was why he was there so frequently. Porter backed out after realizing his secret had been revealed, promising to close the case and never bother them again.

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