Fantasy Island Reboot Season 1 Episode 6 – Special Melrose Episode – “The Big Five Oh,”

Fantasy Island Reboot Episode 6

This week’s fantasy island (2021) features, A young woman who chooses between marrying her parents’ chosen marriage and her long-term partner. Nisha Shah (Anuja Joshi) seeking guidance from the island on who to marry. In addition, We get a deeper look at Javier and Elena’s relationship for the first time. It’s some of the best content we’ve gotten from either Javier (John Gabriel Rodriquez) or Elena, as they drink, laugh, and speak. Overall, Episode 5 has been the biggest episode of Fantasy Island so far. in the end, What role will Meredith play in Ruby’s new life? As Javier takes off, we’re left with a few unanswered questions. Will he have a keep relationship with her? Keep in mind that the Fantasy Island reboot’s modernization has complicated things, owing to the fact that the main characters are female, implying a high level of drama and emotion. Keeping this direction, in the next new episode, a main trio of guests are arriving and finding their way out. To know what is going to happen next. For this, we have to move forward. The Fantasy Island 2021 Episode 6 is titled “The Big Five-Oh,” you can check out the photos and synopsis at Along with this, you can also read the recap of the New Fantasy Island Episode 5 below.

Fantasy Island Reboot Episode 7 Release Date

Fantasy Island Reboot Episode 6 Recap

Fantasy Island Reboot Episode 6 – “MELROSE PLACE” REUNION”

Three buddies from another beautiful place—Melrose Place (that aired on Fox from July 8, 1992, to May 24, 1999, for seven seasons.), will conjure up an extra dose of TV glamour Melrose reunion. Josie Bissett, Laura Leighton, and Daphne Zuniga—who played Jane Andrews Mancini, Sydney Andrews, and Jo Reynolds, respectively, on everyone’s favorite ’90s Night-Time soap—will guest-star as a trio who travel to the island for a birthday. The Melrose Place premiere garnered 16 million viewers and the finale 10.38 million. Recently, Laura Leighton has said in Insta that 25 years from now, she is holidaying with her friends. for which she was so excited. Peep it here.

New Fantasy Island Episode 106 Synopsis: When old friends Nettie, Camille, and Margot come to the Island to celebrate their 50th birthdays, their fantasies expose fault lines in their friendship.

Fantasy Island Reboot Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 6 will release on Sunday, September 12th at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT  on FOX.  You can also watch the episode on Fox’s official website shortly after it premieres on television. Roselyn Sanchez’s Fantasy Island will be available for streaming, and there will be several options. Live streaming options are now available on Fubo TV and Hulu+ Live TV. Fans who have a subscription to Hulu can also watch the show here.

Fantasy Island (2021) Episode 6 Photos

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Fantasy Island New Episode 6 Cast

Cast: Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Roarke; Kiara Barnes as Ruby Akuda.
Guest Cast: Laura Leighton as Nettie; Josie Bissett as Camille; Daphne Zuniga as Margot; Sarah Chaney as Cam; Lamonica Garrett as Tristan; Karina Curet as Waiter; John Gabriel Rodriquez as Javier.

Fantasy Island Reboot Season 2

Fantasy Island reboot has another season. The good news for New Fantasy Island, Fox is considering a second season of the summer drama series. Thorn said to the deadline, the series “held its own this summer”. “We’re really high on it and it’s been exciting for us to cross-pollinate some of the stars that we have in other series and do other exciting turns on Fantasy Island. 

The original show and the 2020 film are both popular versions of the story. The new series differs from the original Ricardo Montalbán-led hit and last year’s critically panned Fantasy Island film. Despite the differences between the three interpretations, there are many similarities. The ongoing drama follows the mysterious Elena Roarke, played by Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sánchez.

Fantasy Island New Episode 5 Recap

Nisha is studying for her bar exam. Her mother tells her she found a husband for her. An arranged Indian marriage is on Nisha’s mind. Meanwhile, Josh proposes with a ring. Nisha Shah seeking guidance from Fantasy Island on who to marry. Javier asks Elena about his fantasy after dropping off Nisha. Nisha wants to know her future husband. She needs it to succeed. Her ambition is to operate a restaurant at age 60.

When she dreams about marrying Savin (Dhruv Singh), she imagines them fighting and her mother snapping at her. Her first night as a married lady starts with Josh, then Savin, and then back again. When Elena calls Nisha, she says both guys would make fantastic husbands. Her next desire is children, therefore she suddenly gets nauseated and becomes a pregnant woman. Her first task is to cope while coordinating with Josh (Andy Favreau). They can’t conceive with Savin. Nisha is getting ready for a bath when she gets a call from her mother saying her father is dying. She’s alone with Savin. Ruby welcomes her back to the island. Ruby explains that adversity builds character.

On a drive, Elena’s Jeep gets trapped in mud. SHE BEGS HELP and Javier’s vehicle is also stuck. He’s getting ready to camp. Javier and Elena build a fire and a flask for the night. Now that her father has passed, Nisha informs Josh that her mother must live with them. He refuses, and they fight. He suggests her mother move in with Savin.

In her fantasy with Savin, Nisha meets Josh, now a billionaire, But she hasn’t opened her restaurant. She’s the mom. Josh’s app isn’t successful, and he’s bitter. Nisha goes to the dance floor, along with Savin. Josh is also there. Savin sees Nisha dance with Josh and asks if she’s still in love with him. Javier and Elena are laughing by the campfire. Elena notices Javier’s chest scar and inquires. He was in the Air Force and the island was his first home following his experiences. On the island, Elena is content and doesn’t want to share. On next day, as they’re hiking back, she realizes that this is his fantasy.

Josh and Nisha discuss separating. Nisha acknowledges she’s changed and misses the woman she was with Josh. Savin vows to do better. And Nisha wants out. Ruby and Nisha talk. She tells her about her friendship with Meredith before she married Mel. Javier and Elena arrive at the hacienda and both kiss. Josh and Nisha pack their stuff and talk about their failed romance. In Savin’s fantasy, a truck kills him. Nisha decides she must pick herself and enrolls in culinary school. Elena informs Javier that his pleasant fantasy has ended. she asks Ruby to take Nisha to the plane. Ruby arrives at her room and examines a painting by Meredith that Mel sent her.

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