Fantasy Island Reboot Season 1 Episode 3: Quantum Entanglement – Release Date – Promo – Photos


Many television remakes of the show feature old character clichés and plotlines. But Fantasy Island 2021 is proving to be a unique series of its kind. A pair of Daphne  (Odette Enable) and Zev (Dave Annable) arrive on the island. It was amusing to see them enable fighting for each other. However, all goes well in the end for the young couple. Meanwhile, a widower had to determine if he was ready to face his pain after 35 years of sleeplessness. Elena (Roselyn Sanchez), on the other hand, had devised a strategy to defend the island after some controversial events. Fans are eager to see who comes next to Fantasy Island, as Fantasy Island already has a diverse group of visitors.  To know what is going to happen next. For this, we have to move forward. The Fantasy Island reboot Episode 3 is titled “Quantum Entanglement,” in which we will see the change start to happen. you can check out the photos and synopsis at Along with this, you can also read the recap of the New Fantasy Island Episode 2.

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New Fantasy Island Episode 3 Synopsis: Flamboyant, eccentric Eileen wants to spend time with her estranged daughter and her family, but they refuse to see her. Meanwhile, disillusioned physics professor Charles wants to know if there is something more out there.

Fantasy Island Reboot Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 3 will release on Tuesday, Aug. 24 at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT  on FOX. Roselyn Sanchez’s Fantasy Island will be available for streaming, and there will be several options.

Fantasy Island (2021) Season 1 Episode 3 Photos

Fantasy Island (2021) Episode 3 Promo

Fantasy Island New Season 1 Episode 3 Cast

Cast: Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Roarke; Kiara Barnes as Ruby Akuda. Guest Cast in episode 3: Debbi Morgan as Eileen; Cliff Chamberlain as Charles; Mieko Hillman as Theodora; Rodrigo Rojas as David; Katira Maria as Satnam; Kamori Clark-McGoey as Young Theo; John Gabriel Rodriquez as Javier

Fantasy Island New Episode 2 Recap

The newest visitors to Fantasy Island have arrived. Daphne (Odette Enable) and Zev are an adventure-seeking couple who love to travel and experience new things and as they head to the island in search of their next “ultimate” experience, they trade bodies on Fantasy Island and become each other. Live life so that they finally understand what they are feeling.

Brent Lee (Francois Chau), a man who has slept for 35 years on Fantasy Island to avoid dealing with the loss of a loved one, is already anticipating going back to sleep as soon as he wakes up. His acceptance of the loss also brings back some terrifying memories from Elena’s past. Ruby (Kiara Barnes) adjusts quickly to living on the island and is quite helpful and at ease when it comes to assisting visitors. He and Elena finally enjoy “lady time”.

The tension between Javier (John Gabriel Rodriquez) and Elena (Roselyn Sanchez) intensifies. When Daphne and Zev learn they are expecting a baby, their hilarious situation reaches a breaking point, threatening their independent lifestyles. After a few days in Zev’s body, Daphne feels ready for a promotion at work, but she worries that having a child may jeopardize her chances. Zev promised that they would split the parenting tasks 50/50. In the end, they decide to have the child and live together.  After a deep conversation with Elena, Brent finally decides to leave the island. Elena admitted that she also hurt someone she cared about. Her interest in her situation suggests that she is still haunted by her history, but Brent’s choice to leave makes her feel a little better.

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