‘Evil’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Is Ben Dead? Explained

'Evil' Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Is Ben Dead? Explained

Robert and Michelle King’s supernatural drama Evil premiered on CBS on September 26, 2019. Evil Season 2 was renewed in October 2019. The series moved from CBS to Paramount+ in May 2021. The second season premiered on 2021-06-20. The third season premiered on June 12, 2022. In 2022, a fourth season was ordered. In this show, Herbers, Colter, and Mandvi examine supposed supernatural encounters with a skeptical forensic psychologist. With the seventh episode, titled “The Demon of Cults,” “Evil” season 3 returns to some unfamiliar storylines. The group uncovers some sinister secrets while looking into a case of demonic possession brought on by a religious cult. Here is the recap of ‘Evil’ Season 3 Episode 7.

‘Evil’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Victor LeConte, a Vatican agent, visits David and requests that he do another mission. David has to place a surveillance device inside the chamber of one of the Vatican’s men of interest. David, however, declines Victor’s request after discovering that Victor wants him to observe Lexis, Kristen’s kid. Attending a doctor’s session on deprogramming patients who have been brainwashed by religious cults is David, Kristen, and Ben.

One of his patients may be possessed, the doctor explains. The group pays a visit to the patient, Owen, who is being detained at a motel. The group finds that Owen belonged to the Yahshua sect and started acting possessed after attempting to leave them. Later, Ben and David have dinner at Kristen’s home.

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David uses the killer game the group is playing to determine whether Lexis (Maddy Crocco) is a threat. he though, is certain that Lexis is safe. Dr. Leland Townsend provides assistance to Dr. Kurt Boggs as he writes his book in the meantime. To use the wicked abilities assisting him in writing the book, Leland persuades Boggs to harm Sister Andrea played by Andrea Martin.

The trio goes to the Yahshua cult. When David and Kristen run across Owen’s friend Lily, they inform her about Owen’s possession. Ben encounters Rene, a member of the Secret Science League and the cult’s leader in cover. David is compelled to return immediately after getting a call from LeConte, leaving Ben behind to further his understanding of the cult’s practices. When David’s connection to the Vatican is revealed to Kristen, she insists on traveling with him. David and Kristen become aware that Ben might be in danger when Kristen learns that the Vatican is interested in Lexis.

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LeConte once more runs into David in the climactic scene of the episode. He explains the scenario to Kristen and indicates that Lexis is being cultivated by nefarious forces. She is getting ready to take the place of one of the most potent demonic house sigils. However, David decides to support Kristen rather than LeConte.

LeConte makes an effort to persuade Kristen. She exits, though, to embrace her daughter. The incident demonstrates that Lexis’ demonic side originated at the reproductive clinic. However, it is clear that Lexis could be in danger and could easily be persuaded to side with the evil. Furthermore, it’s particularly concerning that the Vatican is interested in Lexis.

Is Ben Dead? What Happened to him?

In the climactic scene of the episode, David and Kristen come to the conclusion that saving Owen requires getting him back with Lily. However, Owen is subjected to an exorcism while Lily is imprisoned in the motel. David and Kristen come promptly, releasing Lily. Owen is saved from the monster thanks to Lily’s assistance.

Kristen and David discover that Ben’s life might be in danger just as they are about to exhale in relief. Ben is unreachable despite Kristen and Ben’s best efforts. Ben, meanwhile, discovers Rene’s actual character and the Yahshua sect. The cult brainwashes people by utilizing their guilt. Ben, on the other hand, rebuffs and fights back when the same is attempted on him.

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But when the cult tries to make Ben a sacrifice, the situation becomes fatal. Ben has already escaped the cult by the time Kristen and Ben arrive at the property, but he is still coated in a goat’s blood sacrifice. Although Ben’s life is no longer in danger, it is implied that he has been subjected to some degree of brainwashing.

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