Evil Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – Why Did Victor Recruit David? Explained

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Season 3 of ‘Evil’ continues to shine a light on David, Kristen, and Ben’s seemingly paranormal cases for the Catholic Church. ‘The Demon of Memes,’ the season’s second episode, immediately and effectively branches out the story into numerous intriguing conflicts. “The Demon of Memes” poses a threat on numerous levels, as we witness how the installment’s monster of the week is just the beginning of a string of ill luck. In this episode, David is enlisted for a secret mission, while Kristen and Ben look into the case of a demon that preys on teenagers via an internet fad. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Evil’ season 3 episode 2 if you want to catch up on the episode’s events!

Evil Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Father David (Mike Colter) is soon becoming bored with his position as a priest. He accepts confessions and scoffs at what others deem sins. A group is known as “the Entity,” an espionage squad within the Catholic church, is recruiting David. Of course, it doesn’t exist, as LeConte (Brian d’Arcy James) points out, but it’s still more exciting than the everyday grind of ministering to the devout. Victor LeConte, who emerges in David’s chamber one night, greets him. Victor is a member of the Vatican Secret Service, according to David. Victor, on the other hand, says that he is a member of a coalition that acts as the Vatican’s pals. Victor asks David if he would like to become a Vatican buddy. Victor gives David a task to complete without revealing his Vatican membership to anybody after David reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Kristen and Andy Bouchard are struggling to balance their income and expenses and are forced to make some budget adjustments. The girls have bizarre experiences in the restroom when Andy flushed Sheryl’s symbol down the toilet. David is teased in the church by a couple of teens who are following an internet fad. David discovers that a monster known as the Wandering Jack has started appearing on online forums, threatening to harm teenagers unless they complete a series of chores.

Monseigneur Matthew entrusts the investigation of the Wandering Jack to David and his assessors. Leland assists Sherly in obtaining new employment, which requires her to propagate wicked intentions via the internet. Andy is offered the opportunity to buy a wealthy businessman’s company for a big sum of money if Andy can take him to the company’s base in Nepal. The offer, however, is a ruse devised by Leland and Sheryl to entice Andy away from the Bouchard residence.

David learns through Kristen’s daughter, Lynn, that the Wandering Jack has attacked other youngsters, killing one of them. Ren, a friend of Lynn’s, has also seen the Wandering jack and is concerned about his safety. Following a conversation with Ren, David, Kristen, and Ben receive information concerning the Wandering Jack’s whereabouts. Victor, on the other hand, summons David and requests that he execute the duty entrusted to him on the spot. Kristen and Ben eventually uncover that the Wandering Jack is actually two college students who are executing a con. The duo, on the other hand, becomes suspicious of David’s frequent absences from the inquiry.

Why Did Victor Recruit David in Evil Season 3 Episode 2?

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Victor’s appearance in the episode alludes to a grave threat to the church lurking in the shadows, which David and the others are completely oblivious of. Victor enlists David for a covert mission that he keeps under wraps. Victor’s true motivations aren’t revealed until the end of the episode. David, on the other hand, is pushed to accept Victor’s request by his boredom with the priesthood’s responsibilities. David arrives in the dying moments to complete the mission. He understands he must perform the final rites on a Chinese guy who is dying. Following the completion of the mission, David receives a postcard from the mansion as well as some cash.

Victor demands the item David obtained from the house as David returns to his room. However, before David hands over the goods, he demands that Victor explain why these steps are being taken. Victor reveals that the postcard is crucial in saving one of David’s friends’ lives. Grace Ling is currently in China, according to Victor, and her life is in danger. Grace, as viewers may recall, is a divine prophet who foretells the demise of the Catholic Church. She is deported to China before she can assist David to decipher the complete prophecy. Victor’s abrupt appearance and link to Grace confirm the presence of larger supernatural forces. Grace Ling eventually finds herself in the middle of a storm, and her abilities make her a target for certain terrible forces. It remains to be seen if David and Victor will be able to locate and save Grace.

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