Everything you need to know about Italian Horror Movie Clownery 2019

A new ITN Studios original Italian horror movie Clownery which was directed by Eros D’Antona, a movie about a young woman traumatized by visions of creepy clowns. The young Russian-Italian scream queen Kateryna Korchynskaas plays a leading role, Emma. Actors Alex D’Antona and Mirko D’Antona play the role of the evil clowns Charlie and Buster.

ITN has released the first Clownery 2019 official Trailer on 21 December 2019.


After a terrible trauma on her birthday, Emma chooses not to celebrate it again. But when she turns 21, a friend of her breaks the ritual with a surprise party, unaware of awakening horrors, which for years have been waiting in the darkness.


Kateryna Korchynska as Emma, Serena P. Palmisano as Allison, Alex D’Antona as Charlie,
Mirko D’Antona as Buster, Joe Pansa as Mr. Wallace, Pietro Sportelli as Matty, Roberto D’Antona as Bobby, Ida Perrucci as Ginger, Cristina Gravina as Tina, Arianna Valentino as Veronica, Carlo De Santis as Drug-Addicted Student, Nunzio Santoro as Store Clerk, Osman Omar as Italian Cinema Professor, Emily Bevilacqua as Young Emma, Dario Grassi as Student #1,

Fabienne Zagami (make-up artist) and Amalia Valsecchi (art director). The clown outfits are designed by Alessia Gentile and Chiara Granieri, while Gaspare Sammartano is responsible for the sound department. As director of photography, we’ll find the actress Korchynska, and the music is played by Andrea C. Pinna.

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