Everything You Need to Know About Iris K. Shim’s Supernatural Horror Movie Umma (2022)

Umma (2022)

Her daughter is possessed by her mother! Oh, I’m a sucker for spooky horrors involving mothers. While you’re chanting about the Batman blockbuster, don’t forget to listen to “Umma.The movie looks at a mother’s bond with her daughter as well as the long-term repercussions of parenting on children and future generations.  The film is being produced by Sam Raimi’s “Raimi Productions.” Sony Pictures plans to release the film in March. Let’s start with the trailer:

Umma is the Korean word for mother.

The Korean term umma means mother. What is it like for a mother to return from the dead to collect her daughter’s body? That’s enough to make you jump. It’s been a long since we’ve seen a good horror film.

Sam Raimi has a long list of blockbuster films under his belt, including the Spider-Man trilogy and the Evil Dead series. On the other hand, Iris K. Shim is a gifted director and writer. Some of her best efforts are “The House of Suh” and “Jackie Chan’s “The Foreigner.” This supernatural horror, on the other hand, appears to be promising.

The release date for the film Umma has been set.

Yay, Umma will be released in theatres worldwide on March 18, 2022, with the exception of Russia. I’m looking forward to seeing this film for two reasons. First and foremost, it is produced by Sam Raimi, and it promises to be a superb horror film. What are your thoughts?

Umma Movie Poster

Umma’s poster has been unveiled, and it features half of the protagonist Amanda’s face and half of her deceased mother’s face. One thing is evident from the poster! There is some sort of enslavement going on. And I have to say, the poster is a little too eerie. So brace yourself for some genuine terror this season.

umma 2022 movie-compressed

What is the plot of ‘Umma’?

“Sandra Oh” plays Amanda, while “Fevel Stewart” plays her daughter. They have a peaceful existence on an American farm. When Amanda’s estranged mother’s remains arrive from Korea, things take a turn. Amanda has a peculiar phobia of transforming into her mother! The film begins on an unusual note, with Amanda’s daughter living alone on a farm with no friends or phone. Cars are not allowed past a particular point on their land. However, a strange man appears and notifies Amanda about her mother’s death. He informs Amanda that “your mother’s fury will rise as long as she stays in the box,” which sets off the chaos.

Amanda and her daughter exchange a lot of screams while Amanda refuses to tell her daughter about Umma. Inside, she is terrified by the old Korean concept that “Hardships are caused by tortured ancestors’ spirits.” Mysterious inquiries! Uncomfortable warning! The film has everything: creepy imagery, creepy imagery, creepy imagery, creepy imagery, creepy imagery, creepy imagery, creepy imagery, The movie’s somber vibe is revealed in the trailer and poster. Amanda has a tendency to have darker mood swings. Amanda stands with a lantern as her mother’s apparition stands behind her in another eerie moment. This is a movie with a classic horror show.

Umma, I believe, is another excellent addition to the “haunted house” genre that will send chills down your spine. And, of course, there’s the mother-daughter storey. I’m not sure how these great horror films with “mother and daddy issues” manage to elevate terror to new heights.

There’s obviously a lot of movies about mothers and motherhood, [but] for me, I just never got the experience of watching a movie that explored that theme in the way that I have always experienced it and viewed it,” Shim told CinemaBlend.

Furthermore, this project is being produced by Raimi’s production firm, ensuring that it will be legendary. Do you recall his underappreciated horror film Crawl from 2019? So, before we make any assumptions, let’s watch Umma.

Umma Movie casting

Sandra Oh (Amanda), Fivel Stewart (Daughter), Dermot Mulroney, Odeya Rush, MeeWha Alana Lee, and Tom Yi are among the cast members. Sandra Oh is a Canadian actress who won the Gemini Award for Best Leading Actress in a Drama Series for her series “The Diary of Evelyn Lau.”

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