Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Winner: Who took the crown?

In a stunning announcement, the Eurovision Song Contest has confirmed the winner of the 2023 competition. And the winner of the crown is...

In tonight’s thrilling grand finale [May 13], 26 talented acts went head-to-head in a fierce battle to claim the coveted title and follow in the footsteps of last year’s champions, Ukraine. The competition reached its epic conclusion in the vibrant city of Liverpool. The evening was graced by none other than Catherine Tate, beloved Doctor Who actress, who took the stage to announce the UK’s National Jury vote. And the winner of the crown is... Loreen. And the winner of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest is none other than Loreen from Sweden!

Loreen wins the 2023-

In a nail-biting finale, Loreen emerged victorious with her powerful anthem ‘Tattoo’. The tension was palpable as the jury cast their votes, but in the end, it was Loreen who reigned supreme with a total of 583 points after the public vote. And in a stunning turn of events, Finland has secured second place with a total of 526 points, while Israel has taken third place with a respectable 362 points.

And with that win, Loreen makes history as the first woman to ever win Eurovision twice, following her first victory in 2012. And just like that, our protagonist discovers a fascinating fact – the legendary Johnny Logan remains the only person to have won Eurovision more than once, representing none other than Ireland! In a historic turn of events, Sweden and Ireland have both secured their seventh Eurovision win. And with her stunning win, Sweden has earned the honor of hosting next year’s competition.

In a surprising turn of events, the UK’s very own Mae Muller found herself in the second-to-last position after the jury and public votes were tallied up for her performance of ‘I Wrote A Song’. The stage is set in Liverpool for this year’s competition, which Ukraine is hosting in light of the Russian invasion. In the finale, we had the pleasure of seeing Alesha Dixon, Julia Sanina, and the talented stars of Ted Lasso, Hannah Waddingham, and Graham Norton, taking charge. Mel Giedroyc also joined in on the fun, alternating with Norton in the commentary box.

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