Euphoria Season 2 Episode 5 Recap “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird”

So far in Euphoria Season 2, Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney) and Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) have been introduced as a new pair. The Jacobs family was rocked to the core after Cal (Eric Dane) confessed the secret he’s been keeping for years, and Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow) has been arranging a school play that is destined to rock the pupils at East Highland.

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Rue began the fifth chapter titled Stand Still Like the Hummingbird, by feverishly looking for the luggage that Laurie, a former schoolteacher turned drug dealer, had given her. When her mother Leslie (Nika King) noticed her daughter’s familiar yet painful unpredictable behavior, she told Rue that she knew everything there was to know about the suitcase, which led to Rue and Leslie having a verbal spat in front of Rue’s younger sister Gia (Storm Reid).

Rue, terrified but enraged, began turning her mother’s bedroom upside down, then proceeded to the kitchen, where tables were flipped and her mother was kicked. Rue begins searching for the bag, claiming it isn’t hers, and she begins blaming her mother for her father’s death. Rue begins smashing down doors and wrecking the property in an attempt to locate the drugs. Rue asked her mother who told her about her relapse as Rue and Leslie were getting into each other’s faces.

‘I just don’t wanna be here anymore,’ Rue says, before apologizing to her mother and sister for scaring them. Rue says, ‘I’m sorry but I need you to tell me where the suitcase is mom,’  but Leslie doesn’t respond. She goes on another rage, tearing the home apart, until Jules, who is in the next room, suddenly admits the truth: ‘We flushed them down the toilet.’ When she confronts Jules and Elliot (Dominic Fike), Leslie instructs her not to cry and to “own that s**t.” Jules claims she doesn’t want her to kill herself, so Leslie encourages her to “own that s**t.”

‘I did,’ Jules (Hunter Schafer), who was sitting in the front room with Elliot (Domonic Fike), who we know has also been doing drugs with Rue, replied sheepishly. Rue had reached its limit.

Angry that her two friends had overheard her and her mother fighting, Rue screamed at Jules, calling her every name in the book before confessing that her biggest regret was ever seeing her. Rue burst into sobs as soon as Jules and Elliot left, and Leslie and Gia assisted her into the car, which was ready to transport her to the hospital. But it didn’t take long for Rue to object, and she ended up dashing out onto the highway in the middle of her drive.

Leslie and Gia screamed after her, but a desperate Rue kept running, ignoring the other angry drivers’ insults and beeps. Fast forward to the longest and craziest goose chase ever seen, and Rue showed up at good buddy and all-around protector Fezco’s (Angus Cloud) house, but he persuaded her to return home in order to keep her safe. Rue spent the last 15 minutes at Laurie’s house, the last place anyone would seek for her. Laurie welcomed her in with open arms and suggested that Rue take a bubble bath.

Laurie injected Rue with morphine to assist relieve the discomfort while she regained her breath in the tub. When Rue wakes up, she rushes to the front door, which she discovers is locked with a padlock, and then… The visuals were darker than usual, leading viewers to believe Laurie is up to something.

She then crept inside Laurie’s room and leaped out of the window of her en-suite bathroom. The episode closed with a defeated Rue rushing back to her parent Leslie, but does this imply she’s ready to get the help she needs.

How Cassie and Nate are exposed?

Cassie and Nate are exposed by Rue. Before heading to Laurie’s, Rue went by Lexi Howard’s house, her alternate safe haven. Maddie Perez (Alexa Demie) and her gang, Kat Hernandez (Barbie Ferreira) and Cassie Howard were, of course, already present. Rue tries to persuade Lexi to let her stay with her, but Rue’s mother had already arrived at the house. Leslie persuades her obstinate daughter to accompany her, resulting in Cassie pleading with Rue to listen and figure herself out. Cassie’s suggestion, on the other hand, didn’t sit well with Rue at the time, so in an attempt to defuse the situation, Rue said aloud, “So Cassie, how long have you been f***ing Nate?”

What a case of dropping the mic!

Cassie’s cheeks flushed with dread as her BFF Maddy, who was still in the midst of a destructive relationship with her, began staring at her, but sadly, Cassie’s guilty expression told it all. Rue escaped again, relieved at the ruckus she had made, as Kat and Lexi drew Maddy away from Cassie. That’s when we noticed Rue on his way to Laurie’s.

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