Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4
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Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4 kept up the theme of cramming a lot of stories into an hour, and it was yet another gallant effort at demonstrating how twisted up these folks’ lives are. We’ll start with Rue and Jules because their relationship has always been one of the series’ most important elements. Elliot’s stunning confession to Rue is by far the most important part of the episode. The character relationships in the series are drastically altered in episode 4. Let’s figure out what happened in Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4.

Rue’s relapse is discovered by Jules. Jules has an affair with Elliot and deceives Rue. And Cal Jacobs removes his shame mask and accepts his sexual fluidity, a moment that may have been redemptive in another INXS-scored period of time, but instead feels melancholy, dismal, and, when it comes to his family, cruel. But aren’t we pleased for him? Cal, congratulations on accepting yourself.

In other news, Cassie continues to mock Lexi, indicating that she is planning to produce a school play centered on their tumultuous relationship, a production that will almost certainly disgrace Cassie. Kat appears to be on the verge of ending her relationship with Ethan after recognizing that she doesn’t want what society tells her she wants, namely, a good relationship. Fez also receives a visit from another drug dealer, who suggests that laconic Laurie might know something about Mouse—the dealer who Fez and Ashtray completely smoked.

Cal drives his vehicle along the road, which looks eerily similar to Derick’s jeep. Elliot, Rue, and Jules heist a liquor store, with Elliot’s automobile accidentally smashing a bottle against the window. Rue gets into the back seat and starts drinking. Elliot mumbles something about not mixing booze and other substances, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Jules expresses a similar worry, inquiring as to why Rue is drinking. Rue expresses her desire to return home since she “can’t stand” Jules. Jules seemed to be in pain. Cassie, on the other hand, begins to have a nervous breakdown. Cal, on the other hand, is having the time of his life.

He walks into the tavern where he and Derick first kissed 20 years ago. He listens to music and leisurely dances with a stranger he mistook for Derick. “I feared I’d lost you,” he says. He then tries to wrestle the stranger in a humorous manner and is taken out of the bar, laughing the entire while.

Meanwhile, Cassie starts drinking like a fish until Nate shows up at Maddy’s party. Cassie then dons a bikini to tease Nate, and the entire party decides to relax in a hot pool. Nate is questioned in the tub about his relationship with Maddy, which he claims will not be given a second opportunity. Maddy bursts out laughing. Cassie seemed to be waiting for an opportunity to speak up. Nate seemed to be in a lot of pain. Maddy confronts Nate about his lies, especially his claim that he wants Maddy to have children with him. Cassie vomits in the water and begins cathartically apologizing to Maddy for this recall.

Rue returns home and continues to experiment with drugs. She sees herself in a long vision in the church, where she reconciles with her father, apologizing for her actions and admitting she is a bad person. Her father accepts her apology. The whole scenario plays out like an intervention/exorcism, and it’s hoped that this will be Rue’s turning point. Elliot and Jules are set to hook up when Elliot says that he may have been the one who allowed Rue to continue using drugs. Jules is upset at first but eventually returns to Elliot’s bed.

Cal returns home and goes straight to the foyer to urinate. Cal begins his oration as Marsha, Nate, and Aaron stand on the balcony. He claims he is sick of leading a double life. He confesses to having intercourse with both men and transsexuals. He criticizes the family’s hypocrisy by pointing out that everyone is living a double life—Marsha is hoarding love letters from another guy, Aaron has nasty porn habits, and Nate is so enigmatic that Cal has no idea who he is. Cal says he’s been set free and is leaving after experiencing the toxicity of family secrets. He walks away after removing a family photo from the wall.

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