Chicago Fire: Do Kelly and Stella Stay Together or Break up?

Kelly and Stella Stay Together? – Chicago Fire captures the warmth of Chicago even during cold weather, showcasing the relationships among the cast of Firehouse 51. These relationships blossom in heartbreakingly beautiful ways, drawing audiences in as they eagerly await resolutions to some romances while anticipating the development of others.

Taylor Kinney’s character, Kelly Severide, and Miranda Mae Mayo’s character, Stella Kidd, have mesmerized viewers since Season 1. Overcoming various hurdles together, this beloved duo, commonly referred to as Stellaride, finally found happiness during Season 10’s finale when they exchanged vows and tied the knot!

After Season 11, Severide unexpectedly decided to enrol in a training program in Alabama, encouraged by Stella due to his dedication and passion for his work. However, their bond may be tested as Severide spends time away in Alabama. Let’s revisit Kelly and Stella’s romantic history to appreciate their special connection fully. Let’s see if they are still together or broken up.

Are Kelly and Stella Still Together

Kelly and Stella’s Relationship Timeline

Stella and Severide began their romantic journey when Stella first joined Firehouse 51 in Season 4. It became evident that there was something more between them beyond friendship, given that they had known each other since their trainee days.

One memorable scene from this episode occurred when Severide serenaded Stella with Frank Sinatra’s “This Love of Mine” as an extravagant romantic gesture. Returning home from tactical training, Stella found a rooftop full of singers, and as she looked upward, Severide descended through her skylight, holding out a rose.

Stella appreciated Severide’s gesture, but her ex-husband Grant did not. However, their divorce ultimately benefitted Stella and Severide’s relationship when Severide joined Engine 51.

Stella and Severide enjoyed many sweet moments throughout Season 4, culminating in an important step forward when they shared a passionate kiss at Molly’s Bar.

However, their happiness was short-lived due to impending danger. Stella’s ex-husband Grant managed to elude capture and headed straight for Stella’s house, carrying a knife, as he witnessed Stella and Severide intimately bonding in the Season 4 finale.

Season 5 presented new challenges for Stellaride’s relationship, as Grant caused tension and created a division between them. During the premiere episode, Grant attacked Stella outside Molly’s Bar, provoking Severide to stab Grant to defend himself and Stella.

Stella blamed Grant’s drug use for his behaviour, leading her to forego reporting it, despite Severide’s disagreement. Nevertheless, they decided to remain friends.

Stella and Severide continued their friendship into the sixth season, but circumstances soon complicated things further. Stella was evicted from her apartment and ended up staying in Severide’s guestroom, further complicating their dynamic.

In one episode, “Down Is Better,” Stella advances toward Severide while intoxicated, revealing her desire for more. To the shock and surprise of everyone, Severide turned down these advances, stating that they weren’t ready for a relationship. This unexpected rejection surprised both Stella and the audience.

Stella moved on and started dating someone new. However, they ultimately reunited when Severide asked Stella to be his girlfriend in the Season 6 finale.

Season 7 brought new challenges to their relationship after Benny suddenly passed away, forcing Stella to abruptly end their three-year partnership before reconciling in the Season 7 finale.

Season 8 was relatively smooth sailing for them, but during Season 9, Severide surprised Stella by proposing in front of a burning building out of fear of losing her. Stella enthusiastically accepted his offer.

However, their journey was not without drama, as befits a Chicago Fire love story. Stella’s involvement with Girls on Fire made her distant from Severide during Season 10, leading Severide to inquire about Stella’s true feelings toward marriage. Stella revealed some fears regarding their marriage commitment.

By the Season 10 finale, Stella and Severide had made amends. They exchanged emotional vows before celebrating their union with close family and friends from Engine 51. Stella declared Severide her “best man,” while Severide acknowledged Stella for helping him become a more admirable individual.

Fans were thrilled to witness Stellaride’s wedding day celebration. However, the end of the event was marred by tragedy when an unknown SUV arrived at their honeymoon hotel with an unidentified passenger, leaving fans wondering about the passenger’s identity and what the future held for Stella and Severide.

Stella and Severide’s journey has been filled with trials, hurdles, and moments of profound connection. Fans continue to look forward to what comes next in their love story, hoping that it is filled with lasting love and resilience.

Will Kelly and Stella Break Up or Stay Together in Chicago Fire

Are Kelly and Stella Still Together?

Kelly Severide decides on short notice to participate in a training program in Alabama, leaving behind Stella Kidd and their Firehouse 51 family. Recognizing his success in arson investigations, Severide wishes to further his education and training in this field. During his absence, Joe Cruz steps up as the acting lieutenant for Severide’s unit and performs admirably, earning praise from Fire Chief John Reardon upon Severide’s return.

Cruz learns from the fire chief that Severide recently completed his training in Alabama and was involved in an ATF investigation. Cruz shares this information with Stella, who is shocked that her husband kept it from her. This raises viewers’ concerns about a potential communication breakdown and distance within their relationship.

Severide and Stella have had difficulty communicating effectively in the past. When Severide dedicated himself fully to “Girls on Fire,” Stella felt left behind. By withholding information about ATF investigations and his involvement, Severide may repeat a pattern of poor communication. After concluding his investigation, he can be expected to return home and attempt reconciliation efforts, similar to their experiences in Season 10.

Although Severide and Stella may not be the perfect couple, their relationship is founded upon mutual understanding. They have shown resilience when faced with challenges, continuously working through them instead of letting them derail their relationship. Despite its ups and downs, their relationship seems to progress positively over time, and they will likely stay together.

However, the future of Severide and Stella’s conflicts remains unclear. Taylor Kinney, who plays Severide, temporarily left the show without an announcement regarding his return. If Kinney does return, we may witness how their issues have been resolved. While Severide and Stella likely won’t part ways forever, there is a possibility of separation should Kinney choose to leave for good. Showrunners may explore Severide’s character journey further and decide to pursue any natural conclusions that lead to their separation altogether.

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