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[Season Finale] Dexter: New Blood Episode 10: “Sins of the Father” – Someone else from Dexter’s past in the finale

Dexter New Blood Episode 10

In the penultimate episode of Dexter: New Blood. Father shows his son everything he knows as Dexter and Harrison bond over their dark urges. Dex tries to hide the fact that he has a history of killing people, but when he and Kurt work together to get rid of Kurt for good, everything comes out. Besides, the pieces of the Bay Harbor Butcher puzzle have Angela put together. Let’s take a look at it below to find out the full recap of episode 9. Considering everything we (www.tvacute.com) know about the series so far, For the next episode 10. “Sins of the Father” concludes the Dexter sequel series featuring Michael C. Hall as serial murderer Dexter Morgan tonight. You can find exclusive photos, promos for Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 as well as a summary here.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Recap

Is Dex alive or dead in Dexter: New Blood?

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 10 Spoilers

There is only one more episode of Dexter: New Blood, which will premiere soon. Kurt preyed on the helpless. Kurt, on the other hand, was on the lookout for Dexter after learning that he’d murdered his son, Matt Caldwell. For Dex, Kurt Caldwell was a problem and he has finally solved it. Dex and his son found his trophy room, he ended Kurt’s life in Episode 9.

In the finale, shocking events will emerge. Angela, who realizes her lover could be the Bay Harbour Butcher, appears to be their greatest threat. Sergeant James Doakes was identified as the culprit years ago, and the investigation was closed. Angela has been concerned about the potential that Doakes was framed after listening to Molly Park’s podcast on the matter and learning more about Dexter’s past. It’s unclear what will happen to Dexter in the end.

The show is gearing up for a “shocking” climax that will “blow up the Internet,” according to showrunner Clyde Phillips. He also revealed to TV Insider that “someone else from Dexter’s past” would appear in the finale. He didn’t give any hints, but he did tell  that their arrival “becomes a huge story point.” It’s anyone’s guess who that person is, but it’s not Joey Quinn, played by Desmond Harrington. Angela Batista and Vince Masuka, for example, are among the remaining characters. Their true identity is still unknown.  However, fans will have to wait and see. here’s a preview of what to expect in the episode. New Blood Episode 10, but who knows if the charges will stick. All we can hope for is a more gratifying conclusion to the episode than the Dexter series finale.

Dexter: New Blood 1.10 Synopsis: Dexter and Harrison try to live a normal life in a place that they have discovered are not as normal as they thought it was. Will the two of them be able to live happily ever after, despite all the threats coming their way?

Will the two of them be able to live happily ever after in the face of all the dangers they face?”

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 10 will release on Showtime on January 9, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (USA) Following the launch, new episodes will air weekly. Dexter: New Blood may be seen on Showtime.  Then, a day later, on Monday, January 10, at 22:00 GMT, British fans can watch on Sky Atlantic.

How Can I Watch Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Online?

Fans may access Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 on the SHOWTIME app. Showtime adds new episodes via the service at the same time they air on TV. This presumably applies to Dexter: New Blood.

Don’t have a SHOWTIME app subscription? Get one for $10.99 per month. There’s also a 30-day free trial, which won’t let you view the complete show but will give you some time before you have to pay.  There is a SHOWTIME app for pretty much every major mobile and smart TV platform now. There are other solutions if you don’t want to acquire a SHOWTIME subscription. In addition to Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, the SHOWTIME channel is available as a premium add-on with fuboTV, DIRECTV, Apple TV, Rokus, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

While each of them offers a seven-day to a one-month trial period, you must already have a subscription to the service before adding SHOWTIME. Let’s say you desire it via Amazon Prime Video but don’t have an Amazon subscription. You would need to subscribe to Amazon Prime for $12.99/month and SHOWTIME for $10.99/month. Yes, there are free trials, but that is entirely up to you.

Dexter: New Blood has how many episodes? – and Episode Titles Revealed

Dexter: New Blood will consist of ten episodes, one of which will air each week. only one episode is left. Dexter: New Blood will conclude on January 9, 2022, with the last episode. Fans should expect around three months of death, darkness, and mystery in the coming months. Here are the air dates for each of them:

Dexter S09E01  “Cold Snap” November 7, 2021
Dexter S09E02 “Storm of Fuck” will be released on November 14, 2021.
Dexter S09E03Smoke Signals” will be released on November 21, 2021.
Dexter S09E04 “H Is for Hero” will be released on November 28, 2021.
Dexter S09E05  “Runaway” will be released on December 5, 2021.
Dexter S09E06 “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches” will be released on December 12, 2021.
Dexter S09E07 “Skin of Her Teeth” will be released on December 19, 2021.
Dexter S09E08 “The Big Game” will take place on December 26, 2021.
Dexter S09E09  “The Family Business” will air on January 2, 2022
Dexter S09E10 “Sins of the Father” will release on January 9, 2022

Dexter: New Blood Season 2

New Blood has yet to be renewed for a second season by Showtime.the prospect of a second season appears to be contingent on how the current season ends. However, as soon as new information becomes available, we’ll notify you

Dexter: New Blood Chapter 10 New Photos

Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 Recap

Dexter stalks a clown at a children’s play place center Dexter goes through a maze of mirrors and breaks into a supply closet while waiting to frighten Mr. Wiggles. Dexter reveals his dark passenger to Harrison in a voiceover. “Every now and again, I get the temptation to hurt somebody,” he admits to the boy. He also admits that he witnessed his mother’s murder when he was a child, which comes as a welcome comfort to Harrison, who had previously believed he was alone in the world.

Dexter rummaging through the clown’s possessions as he recounts Harry’s code. He discovers a lunch box stuffed with images of children dressed up as clowns. As he takes down Wiggles while wearing an attractive red clown nose. Dexter stabs him in the chest but refrains from informing his son that he kills his victims. Angela is still looking for images of the victims of the Bay Harbor Butcher, all of whom had needle marks on their necks. Dexter presents Harrison with a massive rifle and informs him that Kurt has been murdering women for the past 25 years. He hasn’t told Angela yet since he lacks proof for now.

They go to Angela’s house to exchange gifts. until Kurt shows there. Dexter unexpectedly states that he and Harrison must bounce as well as he leaves. Harrison proposes that they do to Kurt what Dexter did to Wiggles, but Dad says they need proof first, so they head to the cabin. Harrison admits to the crime he committed against Ethan. Harrison expresses his dissatisfaction with Dexter’s treatment of Wiggles, claiming that it does not feel like justice. He dreamt about tracking down the Trinity Killer and executing him with his own razor when he was 12 years old. Dexter says he understands, but he doesn’t tell him the whole truth this time. They use the drone to locate an unusual vent near Kurt’s land.

Angela visits Selena and requests to read through the ketamine buy books. Later, she delves into Molly’s Butcher episode. Kurt douses Dexter’s house with gasoline and lights it on fire, aiming his laser scope straight at the front door. Only Dexter and Harrison are not at home. They’ve arrived at Kurt’s cabin to inspect the vent. Dexter unlocks a secret hatch beneath the ground by picking a lock. It’s equipped with a camera, which informs Kurt of what they’re up to, but the two continue on their journey down. What they discover below is Kurt’s own take on a kill room, or at the very least the location where he dumps the victims after shooting them. They traverse a long corridor until they come to bodies.
All of the women he killed stand tall like trophies, and we see Molly’s body.

When Harrison asks if Dexter killed Wiggles, he confesses. He also admits to murdering Trinity in retaliation for what he did to Harrison’s mother. Dex gives his son a head kiss. In the meantime, Angela is investigating Molly’s Iron Lake escape. Molly checked out and left a note, according to the person at the Tavern. When they search her room’s lockbox, however, they discover something: her recorder. Dexter and Harrison eventually subdue Kurt with the signature syringe, and Dexter then demonstrates how to set up a kill room for his son. They tell Kurt it’s the end of the road and wake him awake.

Dexter assures Harrison that he doesn’t have to watch, but as soon as the boy says yes, Dexter plunges his knife deep into Kurt. He then begins hacking the body to shreds. Harrison has flashbacks to his mother’s death as a result of the flowing blood, so he goes outside for some fresh air. The bags of corpse parts are delivered to the local incinerator by father and son. There will be no more missing women. The dark passenger, on the other hand, is deafeningly quiet. Dexter and Harrison returned to their cabin thereafter to discover Kurt had set fire to it earlier. Audrey Bishop persuaded Angela Bishop to let them remain at her home, where she discovered an anonymous letter accusing Dexter of murdering Matt.

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