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Get Ready for Tonight! Dexter Season 9 Episode 1 “Cold Snap”- Release Date – Cast – Episode Guide

Dexter Season 9 Episode 1

Get Ready for Tonight! Your favorite serial killer Morgan is back. Dexter: New Blood is a new miniseries that will bring the show back to life. After eight long years, Dexter Season 9 Episode 1 will finally air on Showtime. This season’s Bay Harbor Butcher will be slightly dysfunctional and less regimented. Dexter returns to Miami after ten years, determined to change his fate one final time. Dexter was disheartened by Debra’s death and pretended to die before leaving Miami. Dexter’s comeback will be interesting. Considering everything we (www.tvacute.com) know about the series so far, it looks like it’s going to be one hell of a ride. So we’ve put together this handy guide that answers every question you might have about how to watch Dexter: New Blood, whether it’s available for streaming, and more.

Dexter Season 9 Episode 2 Release Date

Dexter Season 9 Episode 1 Recap

Cold Snap is the title of the first episode. Dexter Episode 901 Synopsis: For the past decade, Dexter has been living a quiet, isolated life far away from the temptations of his past. He’s found comfort in a new identity and has assimilated into small-town life as a beloved member of the Iron Lake community. When a local hotshot begins behaving recklessly, and a mysterious stranger seems to be on Dexter’s trail, he questions whether he can continue to suppress the murderous urgings of his Dark Passenger

Dexter Season 9 Episode 1 Spoilers

Season 9 of Dexter picks up a decade after Dexter departed Miami after faking his death. James Lindsay, a fictional character from Iron Lake, New York, lives there. He is a shopkeeper who has overcome his desire to kill. Harry, his dark passenger, has vanished. Dexter has made new pals in town and appears to be dating Chief Bishop. However, the arrival of another murderer in town causes Dexter to revert. Debra has replaced Harry as his dark passenger. The nasty and irresponsible Dexter of Season 9 will wreck havoc in the community of Iron Lake. He’ll soon return to Miami to repair the damage done a decade ago. So, fans of big serial killer shows will enjoy the inaugural episode.


Dexter Season 9 Cast

Michael C. Hall will reprise his role as Dexter Morgan, who now goes by the name Jim Lindsay, in the debut episode of ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ Clancy Brown, David Magidoff, Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, Jack Alcott, and Jennifer Carpenter, who will reprise her role as Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan, round out the cast for the revived miniseries. Debra died in the Season 8 finale, and she will reappear in Dexter: New Blood as a figment of Dexter’s imagination. Jamie Chung, Oscar Wahlberg, Michael Cyril Creighton, and Katy Sullivan are among the series’ recurring cast members. Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer, will be played by John Lithgow in a cameo appearance.

Dexter: New Blood Season 9 Episode 1 Release Date?

Dexter: New Blood Season 9 Episode 1 premieres on Showtime on November 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (USA) Following the launch, new episodes will air weekly. Dexter: New Blood may be seen on Showtime.  Then, a day later, on Monday, November 8, at 22:00 GMT, British fans can watch on Sky Atlantic.

How Can I Watch Dexter: New Blood Online?

Fans may access Dexter: New Blood on the SHOWTIME app. Showtime adds new episodes via the service at the same time they air on TV. This presumably applies to Dexter: New Blood.

Don’t have a SHOWTIME app subscription? Get one for $10.99 per month. There’s also a 30-day free trial, which won’t let you view the complete show but will give you some time before you have to pay.  There is a SHOWTIME app for pretty much every major mobile and smart TV platform now. There are other solutions if you don’t want to acquire a SHOWTIME subscription. In addition to Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, the SHOWTIME channel is available as a premium add-on with fuboTV, DIRECTV, Apple TV, Rokus, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

While each of them offers a seven-day to a one-month trial period, you must already have a subscription to the service before adding SHOWTIME. Let’s say you desire it via Amazon Prime Video but don’t have an Amazon subscription. You would need to subscribe to Amazon Prime for $12.99/month and SHOWTIME for $10.99/month. Yes, there are free trials, but that is entirely up to you.

Dexter: New Blood has how many episodes? – and Episode Titles Revealed

Dexter: New Blood will consist of ten episodes, one of which will air each week. Only the first seven episodes’ names have been announced so far. Dexter: New Blood will conclude on January 9, 2022, with the last episode. Fans should expect around three months of death, darkness, and mystery in the coming months. Here are the air dates for each of them:

Dexter S09E01  “Cold Snap” November 7, 2021
Dexter S09E02 “Storm of Fuck” will be released on November 14, 2021.
Dexter S09E03 “Smoke Signals” will be released on November 21, 2021.
Dexter S09E04 “H Is for Hero” will be released on November 28, 2021.
Dexter S09E05  “Runaway” will be released on December 5, 2021.
Dexter S09E06 “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches” will be released on December 12, 2021.
Dexter S09E07 “Skin of Her Teeth” will be released on December 19, 2021.
Dexter S09E08 “The Big Game” will take place on December 26, 2021.
Dexter S09E09
Dexter S09E10

Marcos Siega, who previously directed a number of episodes for Dexter, helmed the first six episodes. Along with Michael C. Hall, Clyde Phillips, John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Bill Carraro, and Scott Reynolds, Siega will serve as an executive producer on the film.

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