Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Finale Recap – Is Dex alive or dead in Dexter: New Blood?

Showtime’s Dexter: New Blood has come to an end. The fate of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) has been determined in the last episode of the show. Whether or not fans like this time’s ending, there’s no going back. Is Dexter Morgan dead in the finale? Even though Dexter went missing in the original series finale, it turns out that he was still alive and well in Iron Lake, NY, under the alias of Jim Lindsay. To discover out, let’s jump right into this tense, emotional, and action-packed conclusion.

After Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown) sets Dexter’s house on fire in Episode 9, Angela Bishop (Julia Jones), the police chief and Dexter’s girlfriend, arrives at Dexter’s house. It was there before Caldwell set it on fire in Episode 8. When Molly Park (Jamie Chung) went missing, she asked for an APB to be put out for her. She didn’t know that Molly had become Kurt’s last trophy after he killed her.

Molly’s notes on Iron Lake are being listened to by Angela. “Dark mysteries exist under Iron Lake,” the podcaster says in the clip, “and the further I go, the more I find.” (And she has no idea what’s going on.) As Dexter walks around the charred remnants of his home, the Chief of Police issues an official APB for the missing Molly. He remarks on the town’s abundance of “nice citizens,” all of whom are assisting “Mr. Serial Killer and son.” But he knows it can’t be there if he’s going to teach Harrison the code.

Dexter informs Harrison that they will most certainly be relocating, but the youngster is hesitant to leave his buddies so soon. They plan to travel to a warmer location, perhaps Los Angeles, because a huge city will provide them with lots of material to entertain their dark passengers. Angela discovers Matt Caldwell’s titanium screw in the rubble as they drive away from their former house. Angela sends the kids out for groceries before dinner. She pulls a gun on Dexter when he moves in for a hug. Logan storms in and cuffs him, putting an end to the charade. Dexter has been charged with Matt’s murder, but not Kurt’s.

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Angela starts questioning him, and when she asks him for his identity, he responds “Jim Lindsay” before admitting he’s Dexter Morgan. She informs him they never found the second person in the woods with Matt, and then she pulls out the screw she discovered, which was used to heal the fracture Matt sustained in his boating accident. She also discusses the message she received, which implicates Dexter with the crime.

She concedes it’s possible it was done in self-defense, but she knows Dexter burnt the body. Dexter New Blood Finale Episode 10 After all, titanium is a non-melting metal. Kurt lied about Matt being in New York, Dexter claims, and then stripped the cabin flat the day after Dexter and Molly arrived. He speculates that Kurt killed Matt and is framing Dexter for the crime as retaliation for getting Kurt incarcerated.

Logan tells Angela that Dexter’s tale appears reasonable, which indicates a jury might believe it. He thinks she isn’t telling him the whole truth, but she insists she can’t say anything until she is certain. When Harrison eventually sees Dexter, his father assures him that it has nothing to do with Kurt and that he is safe. He’s confident he’ll be able to get out of it, and they’ll be on the road in a matter of days. Dexter assures him, “We’ll get through this.” “We are required by the world.”

Angela calls Angel Batista and informs him that they’ve got several deaths that mirror the Bay Harbor Butcher’s victims. Sgt. Doakes is mentioned, and she inquires about him. Batista informs her that his ex-wife (the sadly deceased Maria LaGuerta) suspected Dexter Morgan. But, according to him, Dexter has been dead for a long time. She sends him a picture of Dex and Angela when they were little. Ang inquires as to if Batista ever apprehended Maria’s murderer, but of course, he did not. Batista then declares that he’ll be on her way, bringing all of his paperwork with him.

Angela interrogates Dexter in the Finale

She claims he may get away with Matt’s murder, but she’ll bet her career and family on him being a murderer. For him, she only had one word: ketamine. She gives him a snapshot of Jasper and claims he was high on the substance. Then she shows him images of the victims of the Bay Harbor Butcher, who all had the same wheel marks and had ketamine in their systems. She informs him that she is aware he is the Butcher. He’ll be charged with Matt’s murder the next day, which may or may not stick. He’ll be reunited with his old comrade Batista after that. He’ll be extradited to Florida, where he’ll face charges in the Butcher murders. In addition, Florida is a state that has a death sentence.

Dexter requests that she switch off the camera. She complies. He says, “You were right about Kurt Caldwell.” “I have proof.” He tells her that Kurt has been active for 25 years and tells her where Kurt’s hatch is. She’ll find the proof she’s been looking for within.

Dexter is haunted by Debra in his detention cell, who claims Angela will never let go of this. Dexter requests some water from Logan, and when he arrives, Dexter grabs him and slams his head against the jail bars. He demands the keys, but Dexter snaps Logan’s neck when he tries to draw his gun. He contacts his son and tells him to meet him where the white deer was discovered. It’s time for me to leave. NOW.

Angela enters the cabin and walks down Kurt’s corridor, which houses all of his trophies. She discovers EVERYONE she’s been looking for during her entire career. Only Dexter has Logan’s walkie and car, so she goes up the hatch to radio him. She then radios Teddy, requesting that he get her all of the back-ups in the world. Angela KNOWS Teddy is lying when he says he hasn’t heard from Logan in a long time. She dashes to the station, where she discovers the poor man’s body outside his now-empty detention cell.

Dexter: New Blood Chapter 10 New Photos

Harrison wonders whose blood is all over Dexter when they meet in the woods. Harrison notices Dex phoned from Logan’s phone and connects the dots. “There was no other way,” Dexter assures him, but the news does not sit well with Harrison. Dad explains, “It was the only way I could go back to you.” Harrison, on the other hand, is furious. His sentiments of abandonment rise to the surface once more. “I want,” Dexter says after a brief pause. “I have to be around you.” Harrison tells Dexter that he ought to surrender, but Dexter responds that he will face the death penalty. The boy answers, “Perhaps you deserve it.”

Dexter: New Blood Finale Ending

Dexter informs Harrison that he is not required to attend, but Dexter must depart. Harrison pulls out his rifle and points it at his father as he walks away. He holds Dexter responsible for his mother’s and Aunt Deb’s deaths. “You’re right,” Dex says to the adolescent. He expresses regret for what he has done to him. “You are deserving of better. A better way of living. “I’ll be a better father.” Dexter then reminds his son to remove the safety. Dexter knows it’s the only way out as tears well up in his eyes. He guides the youngster through the shot, and Dexter collapses and dies in the snow with a loud POP. He murmurs to the boy, “You did good,” while Deb strokes his hand. Angela appears and yells at Harrison to put down the rifle. Harrison extends his hands, expecting her to handcuff him. Instead, she hands him $200 and instructs him to get in his truck, drive to the highway, and never return. She gives him a warm hug before sending him on his way.

DexterNewBlood- finale

We know the FBI, CSI, and all of these other agencies are heading to town, and she’ll have to deal with it all. She’ll have to talk about Dexter, and she’ll have to talk about Logan. She’ll probably lie and say she had no choice but to kill Dexter in self-defense. Not to mention the fact that he was her lover. She had put her trust in this man, and she could have become another victim.

Is Dex alive or dead in Dexter: New Blood?

Harrison discovers a note from Dexter to Hannah in the vehicle, in which he informs her that he is alive and would do anything to see them again. The letter goes on to say: He desired for his child to enjoy a life free of fear so that he may share his gifts with the rest of the world. But he realized that with him around, Harrison would never be able to live a normal life. “I beg you, Harrison, don’t display any evil tendencies.” Allow me to die so that my son may live.” Harrison drives away as a swarm of police cars approaches Iron Lake.

Dexter: New Blood is now available to watch on Showtime’s app in its entirety.

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