CW’ Charmed Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date, Promo

The CW’s drama Charmed will not be airing episode 8 on November 29. Charmed fans have a lot of question Why no episode on November 29? Indeed, it’s Black Friday! No one needs to go up against a lot of individuals attempting to rest following a totally crazy day of shopping.

Alright, presently it’s the ideal opportunity for some uplifting news. CW served up another public statement for the following, new episode 8 title revealed.

“The Rules of Engagement” is the title of next installment 8 that is directed by Kelli Williams and written by Zoe Marshall. It will be the midseason finale episode.

Charmed 2019 Recap 

Here’s the promo…

Here’s a look at the official promo images from the episode,

Coming soon…

Release Date

We will watch even more powerful magic for its episode eight on a new night, Friday, December 6 .8:00-9:00 pm.

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