Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 3 Photos & Preview of “Off With A Bang”

Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 3

Tonight Freeform is airing its new teen drama thriller Cruel Summer Episode 3 titled “Off With A Bang”. What is going to happen in this episode To know this, you can get information from the article given below. Before proceeding, take a look at the Cruel Summer Recap.

The teen thriller drama Cruel Summer created by Bert V. Royal isn’t based on a true story. On 20 April Cruel Summer premiered with two episodes, which was very exciting. The series centers around the lives of some teenagers that reflect the 90s. The three years have been set together 1993, 1994, and 1995. it’s based on Jeanette Turner and Kate Wallis. Jeanette Turner celebrates her 15th birthday. The popular Kate suddenly disappears. A year later Turner replaces Kate, the most popular teen in the city. And celebrates her birthday with Kate’s boyfriend, Jamie Hanson. Kate was found alive. In 1995, she is kidnapped by Martin Harris, who is later killed by police. She later claims that Jeanette saw her during the abduction. Zeenat also sues her for defamation.

To know more about the episode, you can watch its promo, promo, and Synopsis below.

Victim or villain? Jeanette continues to add fuel to the fire as her reckless behavior causes her friends and family to question her even more.

The search for what happened in these three years in Kate’s life will continue. Zeenat, along with her mother, will officially face the charges leveled by Kate by sitting with the police. And the police will be able to find out which girl is telling the truth?

Cruel Summer Episode 3 Photos

Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 3 release date is on TUESDAYS  April 27 at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT. on Freeform.

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