CNN Digital Ends 2019 At #1: Leads All Competitors In December


CNNs digital audience ended 2019 outpacing all competitors in December to close out the year as the leader in digital news, according to data from both Adobe Analytics and Comscore.

Adobe Analytics reported that CNN’s global digital audience in December 2019 was 301 million, the 4th biggest month ever for the mobile audience.

Data from Comscore’s monthly competitive report reaffirmed the high traffic seen in Adobe data, reporting CNN’s digital audience in the US in December 2019 was 133 million unique visitors and 117 million mobile unique visitors. CNN showed its strength as the #1 digital news outlet in December in the key categories of multiplatform unique visitors, mobile unique visitors, multiplatform video starts (November 2019), millennial unique visitors, social audience and political unique visitors, continuing its long streak of success. Data across both sources show that more people are getting their news online from CNN than from any other outlet.

In December 2019, CNN Politics had its biggest month ever in mobile with 53 million mobile unique visitors and its second-biggest month ever in the total audience with 59 million unique visitors, only behind November 2016, according to Comscore.

CNN also passed the BBC again in the international audience, holding its position as the #1 global digital news brand in November 2019 (November data is the most current available), according to Comscore.

CNN saw a larger global audience than any other news platform in the world in November 2019, with 154 million unique multiplatform visitors (data most current available), 4 million more than second-place BBC and 35 million more than third-place The Daily Mail.

CNN.COM*: 154 Million Multiplatform Unique Visitors

BBC – 150 million unique visitors – 119.2 million unique visitors
Yahoo News – 119.1 million unique visitors
The New York Times Brand – 114 million unique visitors – 103 million unique visitors

Source: CNN

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