CBS’s Clarice Season 1 Episode 13 (Season Finale) Preview & Release Date – Family Is Freedom

Clarice’s dark past and Conway’s trafficking of women set the stage for The Clarice series to move forward and reach the finale. The new episode 13 of the Clarice Show will serve as the finale. Its title is “Family is Freedom” which will focus on uncovering the secrets of Alastor. On the other hand, Clarice is beset by a big problem, she goes missing and finds herself at a women’s trafficking spot. VICAP and Ardelia team up to find Clarice. To know more about Clarice’s finale Episode 13, you can take a look at the exclusive photos, promos, and synopsis here. Plus Read recap for Clarice Episode 12 below

Clarice episode 13 Synopsis:– On the heels of ViCAP uncovering Alastor’s secrets, Clarice is imprisoned in an animal testing facility where she finds trafficked women being held captive. ViCAP and Ardelia team up to locate Clarice as she attempts to break from her captors in a race to rescue the other women.

Clarice’s Episode 13 release date is on Thursday, June 24 at 10: 00-11: 00 PM, ET / PT on CBS. the finale episode was written by Jenny Lumet & Alex Kurtzman and directed by  DeMane Davis. Till now there is no official confirmation of season 2.

Clarice season 1 episode 13 regular cast: Rebecca Breeds (Clarice Starling),
Michael Cudlitz (Paul Krendler), Lucca De Oliveira (Tomás Esquivel), Kal Penn (Shaan Tripathi), Nick Sandow (Murray Clarke), Devyn Tyler (Ardelia Mapp), Marnee Carpenter (Catherine Martin),

RECURRING GUEST CAST: Jayne Atkinson (Ruth Martin)

Clarice season 1 episode 13 GUEST CAST:
Nicolette Pearse (Jane Tally),Caitlin Stryker (Rebecca Clarke-Sherman),Caitlin Robson (Clarice’s Mother), Maya McNair (Young Clarice), Brian Bisson (Mike Diaz),
Daniel Kash (Congressman Llewellyn Gant), David Hewlett (Anthony Herman),
Derek Morgan (Clarice’s Father), Edie Inksetter (Mandy Krendler),Douglas Smith (Ty Conway), Peter McRobbie (Nils Hagen),Simon Wong (Caller),Will Conlon (Arlen Crouse), Allan Cooke (Reggie),Veronica Slowikowska (Raisa),Zaarin Bushra (Mari),
Nicole Nwokolo (Nya),Crystal Rose (Nurse Tracey),Curtis Caravaggio (SWAT Commander Lyle Gardner),J.D. Nicholsen (Lead Suit),Matthew Binkley (SWAT Team Leader),

Clarice Season 1 Episode 12 Recap,

In the last episode 12, titled “Father Time” VICAP gets the green light to raid Alastor Pharmaceuticals. Shaan took a famous painting on the wall to the bureau. The painting is confirmed to have been painted in Hagen’s blood. Let’s search for the artist who made this painting. Paul Krendler handcuffs Hagen, as he prepares to fly soon to a private island. On the other hand, some people come to Joe’s house and put a needle in his neck so that he dies. His death is given as a suicide and the files are stolen and taken with him. One of the Vicap team insults Clarice (Rebecca Breeds) , but  Krendler tells Tony to get his men out of there. Clarice tells Tye that Hedland is dead. Clarice tells Rebecca that she is not handle Nils Hagen’s case.

Clarice visits Dr. Lee for her therapy session where Dr. Lee reveals that she already knows the truth. Suddenly, Clarice falls to the ground and goes to her memory. Then we see a little Clarice, holding an envelope full of money. A man tells that his dad is a coward and a thief. When he sees that the envelope contains one-dollar bills, in the present, Clarice wakes up and cries. On coming back home, she throws away the necklace given by her father.

At the end of the episode, Wickap finds DNA from five different embryos from the painting. Three women, two men. They all had different mothers and Nils Hagen (Peter McRobbie) was the father of all these children. And it turns out Conway was trafficking women for his father.

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