Clarice Season 1 Episode 12 Promo & Photos of “Father Time”

Are you excited to know the next new episode of Clarice Season 1? It has reached on its peak. Clarice ‘s next new episode 12, titled “Father Time”, is going to be very intersting as there is only one week left after this episode. Will the VICAP be able to uncover the truth about the murders? Another unknown threat of Clarice (Rebecca Breeds) is rising,which will set the stage for the finale.  To know more about what will happen in penultimate episode 12, check out the synopsis and promo below.

Clarice episode 11 Synopsis:  As the team finally gets the green light to raid Alastor Pharmaceuticals, Clarice punches another FBI agent in a moment of rage, then willingly turns in her badge and gun; the rest of the team uncovers the whole truth about the River Murders.

Clarice Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date

Clarice’s penultimate episode 12 will release on Thursday, June 17 at 10: 00-11: 00 PM, ET / PT on CBS.  After this episode, the season finale is set to wrap up on June 24. And till now there is no official confirmation of season 2.

Clarice Episode 11 Recap

In previous episode 11  Clarice Series: Alastair’s R&D wing is shut down. Clarice wants to face Hudlin alone but Esquivel and Tripathi accompany her. At the meeting, She mentions the merger and threatens to sue Hudlin. A security guard captures Julia (Jen Richards) while she searches for smoke-gun Reprisol records and faxes them to VICAP. Clarice spied on the fake cop Mike Diaz, who along with Hudlin helped kill Wellig. She believes that Hagen, not Hudlin, is behind the murders. Hagen (Peter McRobbie) threatens Katherine, who will expose Katherine if Ruth doesn’t stop the investigation.

Clarice Season 1 Episode 12

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