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Centra Tech co-founder: Where is Sohrab ‘Sam’ Sharma Now?

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In the world of bitcoin, which changes quickly, stories of both success and fraud often get the most attention. The documentary Bitconned,” which you can watch on Netflix, tells one of these gripping stories. The documentary looks at the rise and fall of Centra Tech, one of the first companies to use bitcoin fraud schemes, from the point of view of someone who worked there. Bryan Storkel’s documentary takes viewers on a dramatic journey with Ray Trapani, who is a key character in Centra Tech’s story. tvacute delves into Ray Trapani’s partner Sohrab Sharma and his involvement in Centra Tech.

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Who is Sohrab Sharma?

Sohrab Sharma, who is also known as Sam Sharma, is at the center of the Centra Tech story. Sharma, an Indian man who was 27 years old, helped to start Centra Tech, a cryptocurrency company that claimed to make revolutionary financial products. His journey into cryptocurrency fraud began in 2017 during the Bitcoin boom.
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Sharma and his partners, Robert Farkas and Raymond Trapani started a fake business to make a debit card for coins. They used fake LinkedIn profiles, paid celebrities to promote their products, and took advantage of people’s desire to get rich quickly, even though they didn’t know much about the subject. As a result? Due to the popularity of the cryptocurrency market, Centra Tech soon made millions of dollars every day.
The trio’s usual way of doing things was to lie about Centra Tech’s senior team, partnerships with big banks, and licenses in several states. Sharma’s most famous inventions turned out to be fake executives, business ties that didn’t exist, and licenses that were never issued. These dishonest methods worked to trick investors, who then poured millions of dollars into Centra Tech’s accounts.

Where is Sohrab ‘Sam’ Sharma Now?

According to the most recent information, Sohrab Sharma, who is also known as Sam Sharma, is in jail right now serving his time. He got eight years in jail because he was the main person behind the Centra Tech cryptocurrency fraud scheme. The case was over when U.S. District Judge Lorna G. Schofield handed down the sentence, which included extra conditions like three years of supervised release, a $20,000 fine, and giving up $36,088,960. Due to privacy and security concerns, the public may not be able to find out exactly where he is in the jail system right now.
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