[Season Finale] Cabinet of Curiosities Episode 8 Recap “The Murmuring” Ending Explained!

Cabinet of Curiosities -episode 8 Recap-

The Netflix anthology horror series “Cabinet of Curiosities” was created by Guillermo del Toro. Its first season consists of eight episodes, each of which tells a separate story. The finale episode titled The Murmuring was directed and co-written by The Babadook’s Jennifer Kent and is based on the author’s short tale. and centers on ornithologists Nancy (Essie Davis) and Edgar, a husband and wife team (The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln). Their entire professional lives have been devoted to studying murmurations. The pair travels to Big Harbour Island in the 1950s to observe dunlins. Their plans are, however, derailed when Nancy starts to hear a child and a lady screaming inside the house. Allow tvacute.com to attempt and clear up any confusion over the eighth episode of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities conclusion.

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Cabinet of Curiosities Episode 8 Recap “The Murmuring” [Season Finale]

In the first scene of “The Murmuring,” Nancy Bradley and her husband Edgar are presenting their results to other scientists. They are both ornithologists who specialize in the study of bird flocks’ muttering or the patterns that these countless individuals can form to function as a single unit. Having recently taken some fresh pictures of the muttering, Nancy and Edgar are eager to share them. The celebration is also organized to express gratitude to the couple’s supporters for supporting their upcoming work trip, which will allow Nancy and Edgar to study dunlins from a remote island. Cut off from society, the Bradley couple is searching for fresh information that could help them understand why the muttering occurs and how birds can naturally know how to fly in large flocks.

Cabinet of Curiosities episode 8 Recap-

Nancy is the only female researcher there, which is understandable given that the event takes place in 1951. Edgar also gets all the praise from their peers, despite the fact that her spouse believes she is the brains behind their study. When one of Edgar’s coworkers offers his condolences for the tragedy they have suffered, the celebration also takes a strange turn. Later in the episode 8 program, we find out that Nancy and Edgar were saddened when their young daughter, Ava, passed away. The marriage has also been affected by the loss of their daughter; although Edgar is prepared to move on and makes an effort to have happy times with Nancy, the latter is still unable to get over her loss.

Nancy and Edgar are prepared to spend their vacation on the little island in tents. The property manager, Mr. Grieves (Greg Ellwand), however, reveals he has prepared a house for the pair as they travel to the island. It turns out that a wealthy family owns the island, and decades ago they constructed a solitary home for their daughter, Claudette (Hannah Galway). Although the house has been vacant for years, it is still well-equipped, and Nancy and Edgar can use the heating, electricity, and running water because Mr. Grieves cleaned all he could and made sure everything still functions. When compared to pitching a tent outside in the cold, it is a luxury.

The Bradleys arrive on the island on Friday, October 5, 1951. The weekly visit by Mr. Grieves, who provides supplies from the mainland, is their only interaction with the outside world while they research the dunlins. Edgar hopes the event will help reignite his affection for Nancy while he is totally alone. Sadly, as soon as Nancy starts having paranormal experiences, they will be torn apart.

The first indication of Nancy’s connection to the house’s ghost is a child’s cry that she accidentally recorded on the cassette she uses to record the tweeting and chirping of the dunlins. Additionally, there are nighttime footsteps that suggest there may be another person hiding inside the house. Although Nancy is more convinced every day that there are ghosts in the house, she is unable to bring up the subject with her husband since he believes she should be a scientist with a logical mind rather than superstitious. Edgar didn’t see any of the ghosts because he had accepted the death of his daughter and was attempting to move past the tragedy. Nancy, who was still processing Ava’s passing, might have been more vulnerable to the ghosts in the house.

Cabinet of- Curiosities episode 8 Recap

Edgar tries to have private time with Nancy during their first week in the house, but Nancy pushes him away. As Nancy concentrates on unraveling the mystery of the mansion rather than working or attempting to mend her relationship with Edgar, the marriage becomes more challenging. Edgar is very disturbed by Nancy’s apparent lack of concern for their own dead daughter, for whom the mother hasn’t shed a single tear in more than a year, and instead seems more concerned with the fate of some strangers.

The intensity of Nancy’s conflicts with Edgar, the vividness of her paranormal encounters, and the gravity of Ava’s death all increase daily. Her concern with the family ultimately results in a heated dispute with Edgar, especially with Ava, whom Nancy has steadfastly refused to discuss since her passing. Then, Edgar makes the decision that he needs some distance from Nancy and opts to spend the night on the couch in order to get a head start on his studies.

Cabinet of Curiosities Episode 8 Finale Recap: Who Are the Ghosts?

Nancy has dreams of Ava on her bed, a boy who is bloated and gushing water, and a woman who is screaming in the hallways for a week. The paintings on the walls depict a woman who cherished the soldier who was the father of her kid. However, the ghost guides Nancy to a cache of ancient letters that show before World War II, she had an affair with a married man, which resulted in pregnancy. Even though he made her a lot of promises, this man returned to his wife after the war was over. he left Claudette when he found out she was pregnant. Claudette felt confined and fantasized about being as free as a bird while hiding out on the island by herself to cover up the family scandal. Given that her son was the reason her family rejected her, it’s not hard to believe she had some sort of resentment toward him.

Cabinet of Curiosities -episode 8- Recap--

When the child enrages her too much one evening, Claudette loses control and drowns the youngster in the bathtub. Claudette jumps to her death from the attic because she is so overcome with guilt about the awful crime she did. Still haunting the house, the boy’s ghost (the name is never mentioned) is paralyzed by the terror of his own mother. The woman is still stranded on the island and still grieving over the death of her child. One week after arriving at the mansion, Nancy begins to piece everything together and, after getting Mr. Grieves’ confirmation that she is telling the truth, she chooses to confront the spirits.

Cabinet of Curiosities Episode 8 Ending: Do Nancy and Edgar Reconcile?

Nancy explores the mansion at night until she encounters the spirits after Edgar left to watch the birds before dawn. By narrating what actually occurred in the bathtub, she persuades the kid to enter the light. While seeing Claudette commit suicide yet again, Nancy approaches her in the attic. She is able to experience the agony of losing a child as a result of the entire procedure, even though she is unsure if her efforts had any positive effects on the ghosts that haunt the house. The mother jumps out the window as Nancy tries to approach her; her body is nowhere to be found, and the Dunlins fly away. Nancy rushes downstairs where she is surrounded by mumbling Dunlins. She is so enthralled by this moment that she is practically out of breath.

After the event, Nancy feels ready to go on with her life and talk to her husband about Ava. During their stay in the mansion, Nancy and Edgar’s marriage is on the verge of disintegrating. Since Ava’s demise, there have been issues with it, but Nancy’s encounters there have forced them to discuss it in public for the first time. While initially causing a split between the two protagonists, their brief time on Big Harbour Island turns out to be beneficial since, by the episode’s finale, the couple has reconciled and Nancy is willing to talk about Eva.

Cabinet of Curiosities Episode 8 Recap What Happened to Ava?

Cabinet of Curiosities episode 8-Recap

Even though what occurred to Ava isn’t stated clearly, we can infer a few details from what was really shown on the screen. Before a child’s hand brushes her on the shoulder and causes her to jump awake, we witness Nancy dreaming of discovering Ava beside her on the bed. This scenario suggests that Ava was still a baby when she died. Since then, her parents’ reactions to the agony have changed. Nancy has sealed her husband and the outside world out of the cocoon of her grief, while Edgar feels lost, furious, and heartbroken. She is aware of this and tries to escape the suffering at the same time. The reason Nancy feels a connection to Claudette is because of her longing for independence. Another possibility is that Nancy unintentionally caused her daughter’s passing. Again, this is not specifically stated in the show, but it is a tenable theory given the similarities between Nancy and Claudette. Nancy assists Claudette and the youngster in advancing in the afterlife after learning their stories. She comprehends Claudette’s desperation and the reasons behind her suicide. It’s a heartbreaking conclusion and a wonderful addition to Kent’s unblemished career. The performances by Davis and Lincoln are outstanding, especially Davis, who enters the character so fully that she truly sounds like she is from 1951. It’s the one that, out of all the episodes, might function as a standalone movie.

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