Bohemia Group Launches Korean Management & Production Division

Bohemia Group Launches Korean Management & Production Division

Hollywood-based international management firm Bohemia Group is expanding into Korea.

The Susan Ferris-run company has joined with Hugh Cha, Jae Yong Lee and Jay Jung to create Bohemia Group Korea, a management and production company based in Seoul.

Acting coach Lee will take on the role of Director of Management, while Jay Jung will be Director of Production and Hugh Cha will serve as Director of the Asia Division.

“Korea is becoming a central point for entertainment content,” said Jae Yong Lee. “Our company hopes to build a strong bridge that will connect high-quality content, talented directors in film and television, along with experienced Korean actors to the rest of the world.”

“Bohemia Group Korea is looking forward to creating partnerships and collaborating with Korean TV, film, and stage production companies, as well as talent management agencies,” said Hugh Cha. “Through this initiative, we hope to tear down any cultural barriers and build a strong foundation for entertainment companies in the east and west.”

Bohemia Group CEO Ferris added, “It has been a long-term mission of mine to raise the bar and break the invisible boundaries that still exist in the entertainment industry today. At Bohemia Group and Bohemia Group Originals we want to fully cater to the entertainment industries’ ever-changing needs, expanding into Korea enables us to service filmmakers globally. I couldn’t be happier about our latest pioneering venture, Bohemia Group Korea.

The firm, which has been going for almost three decades, currently has bases in Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, New Orleans, Toronto, Berlin, London, Auckland and now Seoul. Their Asia move is the latest example of international expansion from the talent and content-hungry U.S. management firms and agencies.

Korean cinema has been front and center this awards season as Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite garnered six Oscar nominations and huge global box office.

Source: Deadline

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