Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 4 Recap

Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 4 is called “Past Is Present,” and it features Danny Reagan meeting up with a troubled kid from a previous case. Frank has to make a tough choice about someone close to him, Jamie starts to doubt Henry when he is asked to be in an investigative web series, and Erin and Anthony look into a shooting where Erin is said to be the target.

Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 4 Recap

Detective Danny Reagan tries to help Trina, a young woman he was able to keep out of jail before. Even though he tried to help her, Trina is in trouble again because she quit her job and stole money. Once more, Danny has to step in and stop things, which sends Trina back to youth detention. Danny is still hopeful that Trina will change her life, though, and tells her to get in touch with him as soon as she is free.

At the same time, someone shoots at Erin while she is having lunch with Anthony. As an Assistant District Attorney, Erin is generally the safest person in the family. The shooter is going after Erin because he or she wrongly thinks she is a bigger threat than Mario Vangelis, a known mobster who was also there. To protect Erin, Anthony moves quickly and shoots and kills the attacker.

As Erin heals from what happened, her family gathers around her and checks on her to make sure she is safe. But the event makes her worry about her safety at work, especially since she had been threatened just two months before. Erin and Anthony start to look into the shooting and find a shocking new detail about the shooter’s real target.

In a different storyline, Jamie gets involved with something that has to do with his grandpa Henry. Allison, an old friend of Jamie’s who is now a true crime podcaster, includes Henry in her most recent show. Jamie is worried about Allison’s intentions, but Henry agrees to take part and plans to teach Allison important lessons.

That’s when Frank has to make a tough choice about who to hire: Officer McPhadden is the son of a known criminal who killed Frank’s son and has joined the police force under a different name. Frank decides to let McPhadden keep his job even though he lied on his application because he understands how complicated the situation is and that McPhadden shouldn’t be judged only on what his father did.

At the end, the episode shows how important family and loyalty are, as well as how complicated justice and forgiveness can be. Even though the Reagans are having problems in their personal and work lives, they are still committed to each other and the law.

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