Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 20 Recap

In the penultimate episode of Blue Bloods Season 13, Tom Frank (Tom Selleck) was faced with a tough decision: should he let Lenny Ross slip away or make a final attempt to reach him? It appeared that the Less’s daughter was in peril, only to have the plot take a devastating turn. In a dramatic turn of events, Frank discovers that Tess has been exploiting her courtesy card privileges. His decision to confiscate Tess’ courtesy card left the story in limbo until the final scene. In the meantime, Danny and Baez’s relationship took a turn after a dangerous encounter with a suspect. The tension between them. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in Blue Bloods Season, 13 Episode 20 continue reading at

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 20 Recap

In a dramatic turn of events, Anthony’s cousin Joey makes an unexpected appearance. He’s looking for a favor, claiming that Anthony owes him after sleeping with the landlord’s wife.  Anthony declares that he will be extending his stay for a full week. As Eddie pulls up to the scene, he braces himself for what he might encounter at this reported domestic violence. But she refuses to speak in the presence of Badillo, her former flame. Danny and Baez discover a threat has been made. Baez revealed that the perpetrator responsible for the crime is none other than Sam Evans, a convict she had successfully prosecuted two decades ago.  Frank encounters a mysterious stranger named Lenny in the bustling streets of New York City.

Despite Frank’s attempts to learn more about Lenny’s intentions, the enigmatic figure remains tight-lipped and elusive. However, their conversation is abruptly cut short when Lenny receives an urgent phone call and dashes off without settling the bill. Frank bursts into the room to find Lenny and a young woman. Lenny is warning her about her drinking habits. Introducing Tess, the daughter of Lenny, who has been apprehended following a brawl at a local bar. In this scene, Lenny is seen making excuses for her. In this episode, Tess reveals that Lenny is suffering from an illness related to the tragic events of 9/11. Sam vehemently denies any involvement and declares himself a changed man with a renewed sense of direction. He’s not our guy and he’s adamant about not going back to jail.

Badillo denies any wrongdoing with Isabel. And just like that, he vanished into thin air, leaving her with nothing but unanswered messages and a broken heart. Our protagonist has a tendency to cut ties with former partners once the romance has fizzled out. We’ve got facial recognition on a suspect. We see Eric seated at a table. He’s seen Isabel around and now he’s curious, ‘What did she say about me?’ She became upset and he departed. Cut to: a close-up shot of his hands, revealing bruises on his knuckles. In this episode, Joey finds himself in a sticky situation as he realizes he has locked himself out.

In a dramatic tone, Anthony warns that if he misplaces this key again, there will be no need for his companion to return. Bullets fly toward them. Anthony’s anger reaches a boiling point as he contemplates physically confronting Joey. In the penultimate episode of our crime drama, Joey confesses to his friends that he’s stolen a whopping 10G from the notorious Lucerno family. However, his actions have not gone unnoticed as Leo Lucerno is now hot on his trail. Will Joey be able to outrun the wrath of the Lucernos or will he face the consequences of his actions? Anthony devises a plan to use Joey as bait. Eddie is visibly upset with Badillo. It seems that Badillo’s behavior towards women is reminiscent of Eric’s, and Eddie is not happy about it.

Badlilo reveals that Eddie holds a high opinion of her, particularly after she tied the knot with Sergeant Flawless. Frank discovers that Tess has a habit of getting herself arrested and being disrespectful toward the officers. However, things take an interesting turn when Tess drops the bombshell that her father is actually friends with Frank. Frank demands the removal of the courtesy card. Lenny is currently receiving medical attention under the watchful eye of a doctor. The diagnosis is a double whammy, as he is battling both liver and Mesothelioma cancer. Baez receives a distressing call informing her that her home has been burglarized.  She and Danny hurry over. Baez stands outside with the nanny and baby.  Danny enters the room. He picks up his phone and dials her number. The phone rings on the other end.

The camera pans over to the baby’s crib, revealing a delicate flower nestled among the blankets. Danny announces that they are currently in search of fingerprints and any other potential evidence. Baez is confident that it’s Sam and he’s taking precautions to not leave any fingerprints. Danny nods his head, indicating his decision to remain. In the morning, it is discovered that Sam has removed his ankle monitor. He sets off to search for Sam, leaving Baez behind to keep watch over Elana. Sam’s mom hesitated to turn him away, knowing he had nowhere else to go. He was always drawn to symbolism and enjoyed playing mind games with others. Erin is hesitant to utilize Joey. He poses a significant risk to the team.

In this scene, Frank is visibly upset as he discovers that Lenny has been keeping secrets from him and is now avoiding him. Henry gets it. In the latest development, Isabel has revealed that Luis had a heart-to-heart conversation with her, which seems to have lifted her spirits. She expresses her gratitude towards Eddie. Danny makes a phone call to check-in. And cut to our hero who’s got a lead. The protagonist suspects that Sam may have acquired the residence of his prey. He’s displeased with Baez’s decision to investigate. Danny frantically attempts to reach Baez while en route to the house.

As he sits alone in the dimly lit living room, a sudden noise startles him. As he enters the room, he is met with a tense standoff – Baez has Sam in his grasp, a gun pointed at his head. She’s got a loaded gun and he’s in her crosshairs. Danny attempts to reason with her. She trembles in fear as she gazes upon the photos of Elana. Sam declares that he won’t be sticking around for an extended period. In a tense standoff, Danny manages to de-escalate the situation with Baez’s help and they successfully apprehend Sam. Joey offers an apology to Anthony, who sternly advises him to simply stick to the plan. In a tense moment, Joey embarks on his mission. In this scene, our protagonist is faced with the task of giving Leroy some cash. However, Leroy isn’t satisfied with the amount and demands more. He devises a plan to have Joey brutally attacked. Anthony bursts onto the scene, his eyes blazing with determination.

we see Joey trembling with fear while Anthony stands his ground, refusing to back down. In this scene, Eddie recounts a tale to Badillo about a man who left her hanging when they were supposed to rendezvous in the Caribbean. She reveals this to him after overhearing his conversation with Isabel. In a dramatic confession, he reveals his true feelings about being single. Eddie’s confidence in finding someone is unwavering. The scene opens with our characters heading out for a night in the town. They arrive at a trendy bar and take a seat at the sleek, modern bar. The bartender greets them with a smile and asks what they would like to drink. As they sip their cocktails, the conversation flows and the night takes an unexpected turn. In this scene, Danny pays a visit to Baez who is questioning her ability to be a mother after a recent incident. Danny shakes his head. the DA’s office is pushing for a maximum sentence. As she invites Danny to stay for dinner, a glimmer of hope shines in her eyes.

In the family dinner scene, the group says Grace before poking fun at Jamie’s shirt, with the exception of Henry. In this episode, our protagonist finds himself at a bachelor party, but things take an unexpected turn when the festivities come to an early end and everyone hits the hay by 9 PM.m Erin is skeptical of his claims. Jamie relishes the reunion with his old pals, but the reality sets in that they have all changed and grown apart. As Henry imparts his wisdom, he encourages everyone to cherish their moments with loved ones. At the end of the episode, Lenny and Frank engage in a conversation. In this scene, we see Lenny’s discontentment.  Frank confiscated Tess’ card. Frank confesses that he couldn’t bring himself to abandon Lenny. In a dramatic gesture, he hands Lenny his very own courtesy card to deliver to Tess.  Lenny declares that he will bestow the coveted item upon Tess, but not without a set of strict guidelines. As the episode comes to a close, Frank proposes doing something with Lenny.

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