Blood & Treasure Episode 111 “Return of the Queen” Photos

blood-treasure episode 111

“Return of the Queen” (S01E11) is the eleventh episode of season one of Blood & Treasure is written by Dana Farajani and Siavash Farahani and directed by Guy Norman Bee that airs on Mon Jul 23, 2019 at CBS.

Blood & Treasure Episode 111 Synopsis

The trail of Cleopatra’s sarcophagus leads Danny and Lexi to the Bermuda Triangle, where a contact of Shaw’s offers assistance tracking down a smuggler’s plane that vanished years earlier. Also, Gwen attracts unwanted attention when she investigates a suspicious money transfer.

Blood & Treasure Episode 111 Cast


Matt Barr (Danny McNamara), Sofia Pernas(Lexi Vaziri),Michael James Shaw(Aiden Shaw),Katia winter(Gwen Karlsson),James Callis(Simon Hardwick),Oded Fehr(Karim Farouk),Alicia oppola(Dr. Anna Castillo),Mark Gagliardi(Father Chuck).


Davide Chiazzese(Enzo Caribinieri Officer),Zak Santiago(Everado Sanchez),Indiana Lopez(Young Soledad Sanchez),Victor Andres Trelles(Miguel/Sanchez’s Lieutenant),Elie Shankji(Rafi),Dale Whibley(Teenage Danny),Tyrone Benskin(MC Jesuit Priest),Cristia Rosato(Soledad),
Maurizo Terrazzano(Airplane Mechanic),Tony Calabretta (Gen. DeLuca),Darcy Laurie(Enrique Vega),Fabio icirello (Museo Security Guard 1),Alessandro Izzi(Museo Security Guard 2).

Blood & Treasure Episode 111  Photos