Blindspotting Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date & Preview of “Smashley Rose”

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In the first episode of Blindspotting after the events of the 2018 film of the same name. Ashley’s relationship with Rainey (Helen Hunt) and Trish (Jaylen Barron) is exposed. Speaking of temperament, Miles is warm-blooded, with his sister, Trish (Jaylen Barone), even wilder than him. And his mother, Rainey (Helen Hunt) puts the family up. So are you looking forward to a Blindspotting new episode 2 titled “Smashley Rose” after watching tonight’s episode? There’s going to be a lot of tension in this episode, as it’s about Miles’ future. Everyone waits for the judge’s decision.

Blindspotting Episode 2 Synopsis: It’s sentencing day for Miles and tensions are high as Ashley, Rainey and Trish wait for the judge’s decision. When the gavel comes down, Ashley’s day is set on a path towards destruction.

Blindspotting Episode 2 Release Date

The second episode of Blindspotting Season 1 will air at 9:00 PM on Starz. If you’re a Starz subscriber, you can watch this episode on the Starz app now. The episode was directed by Seith Mann and written by Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs.

Blindspotting Season 1 Episode 2 Promo

Blindspotting Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Ashley’s life changes when Miles (Rafael Casal) goes to prison, leaving behind his mother, and half-sister. Rainey welcomes Ashley (Jasmine Cephas Jones) and her son Sean (Atticus Woodward), while Trish does not like Ashley. She wants to open a strip club. Ashley believes Trish doesn’t have real business sense. With this, he is still immature and irresponsible. Yet Trish had saved Ashley from a recent robbery. She wears the ring she found in a box in Miles’s bedroom, thinking that Miles had kept her to propose. Also how long can Miles stay in jail? In the final moments of the episode, Ashley sleeps on the couch and tries to enjoy the masturbation session. Her vibrator echoes, Rainey and Trish overhear her and offer to give her some privacy, much to Ashley’s embarrassment.

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