Bird Box Barcelona 2023: What Happened to Anna?

The Spanish post-apocalyptic horror thriller Bird Box Barcelona 2023 was written and directed by Alex and David Pastor. A prequel to the 2018 film Bird Box, which was based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. Although it shares certain similarities with the 2018 post-apocalyptic horror thriller Bird Box, this film is not a direct sequel. The film depicts a father and daughter (Sebastián and Anna) and the people who join them as they fight to survive in a dystopian future where no one can look at the invading monsters that wander the planet without dying.   ( Here is all you need to know about What Happened to Anna? Is She Die?

Bird Box Barcelona 2023: What Happened to Anna?

In “Bird Box Barcelona,” Sebastián (Mario Casas) and his daughter Anna (Fatima‘s Alejandra Howard) manage to hide and survive for some time. However, on Anna’s eleventh birthday, Sebastián brings her a cake with candles, inadvertently revealing their location to the seers. Anna sees the creature and jumps off a building, to suicide. Sebastián, trying to save his daughter, also faces the creatures but instead becomes a seer himself. He has a vision of his dead daughter, who convinces him that the creatures are angels sent to free human souls from pain. Sebastián believes that by forcing others to see the creatures, he can secure his place in paradise to reunite with his wife and daughter. Blinded by faith, Sebastián becomes a villain, killing innocent people in his pursuit.

Sebastián had a change of heart, though, after seeing that the monsters can trick people into believing they are their loved ones. Sebastián resolves to guard the living after spending time with the survivors, notably Sofia (Naila Schuberth), who makes him think of his daughter Anna.  As the survivors arrive at the gondola to the castle, Sebastián confronts the priest and his seers.

When the creatures disguise the priest as Anna to try Sebastián’s faith, he recognizes the trick and kills the priest. Sebastián makes the ultimate sacrifice to save lives. In the gondola tower, where Claire and Sofia are now struggling, Claire (Georgina Campbell) rings a bell to summon assistance. They are ultimately saved by the inhabitants of the castle. The conclusion, though, suggests that the fortress might not be as secure as they had imagined.

Bird Box Barcelona 2023: Does Sebastián Die? Explained!

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