Big Brother 21 : Week 1 Nominations

Big Brother 21 : Week 1 Nominations  Christie nominated: Cliff & Kathryn

So far we’ve only heard from Kathryn on her side of things but she’s feeling confident with her chances against Cliff. She also expects Jackson will save her if he wins the Veto so she’s planning to pick him. That obviously means the PoV comp hasn’t happened yet and since HGs are locked in it could be happening Thurs or Fri.

Remember that Christie explained in the leak that Kathryn was annoying HGs with her constant paranoia and chattering. That’s pretty much all we’ve seen of her in the first thirty minutes of Feeds so yeah, I could see that causing waves. But while Christie may be annoyed, what’s the rest of the House think about Kathryn and the first eviction? More spoilers and insight as the Feeds continue on.

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