[BET+] Stay Out (2023) Release Date, Plot, Cast, Filmed, and Trailer

Welcome to BET+’s directed by Jared Safier, “Stay Out” (2023), an exciting voyage into the horror genre. This terrifying story revolves around Donovan, and it takes the audience on a trip full of suspense, terror, and surprising turns. The film explores the eerie area where life and death collide.  The story of “Stay Out” is deeply entwined with the eerie mystique of black magic and the dark arts, which creates an eerie, thrilling atmosphere. tvacute will examine the characters, storyline, release date, filming locations, and even provide a preview of the spine-tingling trailer.. Prepare yourself to be intrigued and knowledgeable about this paranormal story that will have you gripped from start to finish.

Stay Out (2023) Release Date

On October 26, 2023, the eagerly awaited release of “Stay Out” takes place. For horror fans, this is the day that businessman Donovan Jones’s life takes an unsettling turn for the worst. This picture, which is directed by Jared Safier, promises to be an exhilarating experience that horror enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

[BET+] Stay Out (2023) Cast, Storyline, Production, and Teaser

Let’s now explore the film “Stay Out” (2023) and uncover its mysteries, including its captivating story, impressive cast, filming locations, and an exclusive look at the spine-tingling trailer.

[BET+] Stay Out (2023) Plot

The 2023 eerie horror movie Written by Anthony D. Bell and Quinn Early “Stay Out” has an engrossing plot with plenty of suspense and spooky aspects. The main character of the movie is Donovan Jones, a prosperous businessman with a typical existence. But when he finds out that his late aunt and uncle—who practiced black magic—have left him the only beneficiary of their will after they pass away, his life takes a dark and unexpected turn.

Donovan travels to the haunting mansion of his late family in order to claim his fortune. Donovan discovers a horrible reality in this foreboding location: his uncle was brutally killed in cold blood. However, the tale does not end there. Motivated by an insatiable need for vengeance, Donovan’s uncle takes possession of Donovan’s body with the intention of exacting retribution on himself.

[BET+] Stay Out (2023) Cast

Any movie’s ability and commitment to the role plays a major factor in its success, and “Stay Out” has an excellent cast. Leading the charge is Kareem J. Grimes as prosperous businessman Donovan Jones, whose life takes an unanticipated and horrifying turn. Actors including Christopher Sky as Rufus Jones, Paris Bravo as Young Sheriff John, Desiree Mitchell as Raveen, Jhone Y. Lucas as Lauren, Dane DiLiegro as Graham, Caylee Cowan as Christie Anne, and Jade Harlow as Peggy are joining him. Along With Columbus Short, Jade Harlow, Paris Dylan, and Norman Towns. With a lineup this talented and diverse, you can anticipate performances that will make an impression.

Caitlin O’Connor as Jenny
Emelina Adams as Nurse Megan
Mike Ferguson as Homeless Man
Christian Howard as Paul Anthony
Dale Resteghini as Tom
Paris Bravo as Jamie
Bri Ana Wagner as Paramedic Dash
April Hale as Lisa

Stay Out (2023) Filming Locations

In horror movies, the setting is frequently just as significant as the plot. The movie “Stay Out” was shot throughout California, more especially in and near Los Angeles. The majority of the narrative takes place on and around the creepy estate, where paranormal phenomena coexist peacefully with the ominous atmosphere.  The wide and varied landscapes of the Golden State made it the ideal setting for this mysterious thriller. March 2023 marked the start of principal photography, which concluded in April of the same year, showcasing the production team’s effectiveness.

Hollywood, California

Southern California’s Los Angeles served as the primary shooting location. The production team specifically used Lux Angeles Studios, which is situated in Los Angeles at 1952 North Cahuenga Boulevard. This cutting-edge film studio, which managed many production phases, was essential to making the plot come to life.

Stay Out (2023) Movie Trailer

Check out the official trailer for “Stay Out” (2023) below to get a taste of the spine-tingling tension that’s in store. This teaser promises an intriguing story that will keep you interested throughout, set in a universe full of magical elements.

In conclusion, the horror thriller “Stay Out” (2023) on BET+ promises to be a memorable film. This movie looks to be a must-watch for fans of the horror genre, thanks to its excellent cast, intriguing story, and creepy filming locales. Remember to put the release date on your calendars, and don’t forget to watch the trailer to get a preview of the spine-tingling tension that’s in store. Await a thrilling cinematic adventure into the realms of retribution, the unknown, and dark magic, and be sure to check back for additional information on this paranormal thriller.

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