Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 6 – “The Morning After”

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 6

The second stew Lexi Wilson’s negative attitude has shown through in recent weeks of  Below Deck Med. She comes across as arrogant and careless, rude and high maintenance. In the previous episode 5,  the Bahamian Bad Boy takes off his mask and shows off his true colors. Rather, she will openly enjoy the cruelty inflicted on the people around her. At last, Mzi “Zee”, who is trying to defend her team, Lexie reveals her face and has racist influences as she mispronounces it as a derogatory term. Then, all of a sudden, she becomes physically involved with Mzi. After watching this episode fans are waiting for the next new episode. To know more about the next Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 new episode 6 titled “The Morning After”,  this episode is going to be interesting. But we have to wait to see this. Till then you can read the synopsis of the next new episode 6 and episode 5 recap with below, which will enable you to understand the episode better.

Below Deck Med Episode 606 Synopsis: After an explosive night out, the crew members ponder whether they can forgive and forget; the third charter arrives with high energy and even higher maintenance; Capt. Sandy must decide if she is willing to give one more chance.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 7 Return Date

Below Deck Medi Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

Below Deck Mediterranean: Season 6 Episode 6 Release Date

One of the most explosive series ‘Below Deck Med’ in the history of Peacock. The Mediterranean spin-off of the boat-based reality show’s new Episode 6 of “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 6 titled “The Morning After” airs August 2, 2021, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo, which will run for one hour. You can stream it on the official website of Bravo and New episodes will be available on Peacock a week before Monday. Live-streaming fans can watch the show on DirecTV, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and Sling TV. You can also buy or rent this episode on iTunes, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 5 Recap

Malia White shouted Mzi last week’s episode ended. The next morning is drop-off day. Lexi is at breakfast service because Katie Flood took a late shift to make her stews. He will not take orders from anyone other than Katie. And then, Katie is in the middle of a breakfast fight and everything turns upside down. Lexie says she is tired of being kind and openly threatens to strangle Matthew. Poor Katie can only try to calm things down. She is taking the chef’s side. Lexie accuses Chief Stew of being unprofessional at her job. It’s time for Captain Sandy Yawn to exit the Orbison’s. Sandy is surprised that in six seasons there hasn’t been a single complaint from any of her guests. The revealed tip was $21,000 left by the guests at the meeting. It is $1,750 per person. That’s a great deal for a two-day charter. The crew needed lunch. Matthew is upset that he doesn’t get a day off, even though there are no guests. David Pasco is trying to please her. Malia’s harsh conversation is only marginally more effective.

The crew then heads to Sibenik for their second night on the town. The deck crew makes the boys wear their most rowdy shirts. David prepares toast for the crew at dinner.  The chef refused to stop despite repeated requests from his crew. He leaves the table and goes back to the boat. After the booze stream, FaceTiming lets the rest of the crew call their loved ones. , Lexi’s father passed away a few months before joining the boat. However, Courtney Weil’s father has been battling Alzheimer’s for seven years. Both get emotional and go to the bathroom. On the way they both cry in the taxi, Katie tries to comfort them both. Matthew has packed his knives on the boat and is ready to go. He alerts the first officer (off-camera), and he bags everything before leaving. Their exit is aggressive. He is also very drunk and he is hitting the cameras.

The rest of the crew are so drunk they can’t even think of Matthew’s whereabouts. While Mazzy breaks her lips while taking Courtney down the streets of Sibenik, Lexie is still looking for reasons to fight Malia in her cabin. She boasts about her $8,000 condo in Miami. The night turned into a nightmare. David and Malia talk but it is difficult for Malia to answer but Lexie starts yelling at David. When Lloyd arrives, physically pushing her breasts. Lloyd taps and goes back to his room. Lexi turns to Lloyd, the rest of her deck team who have jumped in to support Lloyd. Malia sends Katie to help, as Lexie is attacking Deckhand from all sides. The main stew’s attempt is unsuccessful. Malia tries to get everyone out of the hot tub to sleep, but it’s another excuse to fight. Lexie yells at her that she’s “just a bosun” and to “stand down,” in working her way on Katie. He has also been accused of failing. After this fight, the deck brings the team closer together. Mzi has the opportunity to comfort Courtney in her bedroom, who is crying and exhausted, while David supports Malia on deck. The rest of the crew tries to process what just happened. Lexi enters again. Malia accuses her of being a fake when Bosun tries to console her about her father’s death. Mzi, who is trying to defend her team, Lexie reveals her face and has racist influences as she mispronounces it as a derogatory term. Then, all of a sudden, she becomes physically involved with Mzi.

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