BBC’s Noughts & Crosses coming 5 March 2020 on BBC One

BBCs Noughts Crosses coming 5 March 2020 on BBC One
Jack Rowan Masali Baduza

The BBC adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s bestselling young adult novel Noughts & Crosses t novel Noughts & Crosses will air on BBC One on 5 March 2020. All six episodes will drop on BBC iPlayer just after. Watch the trailer below. Starring; Jack Rowan, Masali Baduza, Helen [email protected]IanEdginton

The BBC TV show centers around the primary book in the honor winning Malorie Blackman series. For those curious about the books, Noughts and Crosses is set in the other reality where dark individuals (Crosses) rule over the white underclass populace (Noughts).

The story follows cherished companions Sephy Hadley (a Cross) and Callum McGregor (a Nought), who wind up succumbing to one another at the same time, separated by race and mounting social turmoil, are compelled to stay quiet about their taboo relationship.


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